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Couple finds rare coins worth over $800,000 while renovating their kitchen floors
Ronnie Koenig and Joyann Jeffrey
Sun, October 16, 2022 at 2:43 PM
A couple in England had the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered a stash of rare coins underneath the kitchen floorboards during a renovation project.

Gregory Edmund, an auctioneer and British coin specialist at Spink and Son, confirmed to TODAY that the coins were discovered by the North Yorkshire couple, who initially thought they had stumbled on a piece of electrical cable while working on their 18th century home in 2019.

"Why they decided to touch it who knows, but when they did, they realised it was a gold disc and there were hundreds more beneath!" Edmunds told TODAY via email.

The haul of rare coins were recently sold at auction for $852,380 against a provisional sale estimate of $231,390. According to The Yorkshire Post, the coins have been linked to a Hull merchant family, the Maisters. The coins date from 1610 until 1727, from the reigns of King James I to King George I. The period covers the time of the marriage of Sarah Maister to Joseph Fernley. According to The Sun, Fernley died in 1725 and Maister remained in the area until her death in 1745.

Over 200 years later, the Yorkshire couple discovered the hidden treasure.

Edmund said it was a unique opportunity to be involved in the auction, which included 372 global registrants and dozens of successful bidders.

"It is a rare privilege for an auctioneer to be graced with a white glove sale (100% sold), but when the story of Joseph and Sarah Fernley and their misers millions came to my attention back in 2019, I just knew the story had to be told," he said. "The anonymous finders were absolutely staggered by the result. It dwarfed any pre-conceived expectations and set dozens of world records along the way."

Edmund said buyers flocked from around the world, bidding up the coins for the privilege of owning a part of their 292-year old treasure.

“The sale was unique in so many ways," he said. "The story of the coins, the method of discovery and the rare opportunity to buy them at auction."

"I have never seen a response to an auction like that before," he said, adding that sales went three times over his provisional estimate. ... 340693.htm
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World's tallest woman takes her first plane flight after airline removes 6 economy seats to make it possible
Alia Shoaib
Sun, November 6, 2022 at 10:34 AM
24-year-old Turkish woman Rumeysa Gelgi (L), who stands 215.16 centimeters (7 feet, 0.7 inches) tall and has been confirmed as the world's tallest living woman by Guinness World Records, is seen in front of her house in Safranbolu district of Karabuk, Turkey on October 14, 2021.
24-year-old Turkish woman Rumeysa Gelgi (L), who stands 7 feet, 0.7 inches tall and has been confirmed as the world's tallest living woman by Guinness World Records, is seen in front of her house in Karabuk, Turkey on October 14, 2021.Orhan Kuzu/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
The world's tallest woman was able to take her first flight after an airline removed six seats for her.

Rumeysa Gelgi, who is seven-feet tall, flew from Istanbul, Turkey, to San Francisco.

Turkish Airlines modified a plane to allow Gelgi to lie on a stretcher for the 13-hour flight.

The world's tallest woman could fly on a plane for the first time after the airline removed six economy seats to accommodate her.

Rumeysa Gelgi, who stands at 7 feet, 0.7 inches tall, was named the world's tallest woman by Guinness World Records last year.

Turkish Airlines adapted one of their planes to allow her to travel to San Francisco in September, removing six seats and replacing them with a special stretcher for her to travel on the 13-hour flight, MailOnline reported.

Gelgi, 24, had never previously been able to travel on a plane due to her stature, caused by a condition called Weaver syndrome that causes bone overgrowth, among other things. Even as a child, she was too large to fit in plane seats, according to the outlet.

She typically uses a wheelchair or walker to move around due to her condition.
Gelgi shared a series of images of herself on the journey on Instagram and said that it was "a flawless journey from start to finish."

"This was my first flight, but it certainly won't be the last. From now on, I will be very honored and happy to fly to different parts of the world with @turkishairlines. A heartfelt thank you to every single person involved in my journey," she wrote.

Gelgi went to California to spend time advancing her career in software development and working with Guinness World Records, per the MailOnline.

Gelgi won her first Guinness World Record in 2014, when she was recognized as the world's tallest living teenager before officially becoming the world's tallest woman in 2021.

She also holds the record for being the woman with the largest hands, longest finger, and longest back in the world. ... 33934.html
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Miami Herald
Mysterious shipwreck found full of household items near Sweden is dated to 14th century

Screengrab from Arkeologerna
Brendan Rascius
Thu, December 1, 2022 at 4:30 PM
New details have emerged surrounding the mysterious wreckage of two medieval ships found off the coast of Sweden last spring. Researchers have finally determined their ages and far-flung origins.

The merchant vessels were discovered near the construction of a railway tunnel in Varberg, about 120 miles north of Copenhagen, according to a Nov. 16 news release from Arkeologerna, an archaeological consulting company.

The vessels were known as cogs, a common type of medieval ship, according to archaeologists.

Cogs were “large, with a spacious cargo space, and were mostly equipped with one mast and one large square sail,” according to the Estonian Mere Museum’s website.

The remains of the vessels were found about 30 feet from each other, a highly unusual occurrence, according to archaeologists. One of the wrecks consists of a nearly intact port side, making it the best-preserved cog wreck ever found in Sweden. Only seven had previously been found in the country and fewer than 40 have been discovered in all of Europe.

Months after archaeologists’ initial discovery, wood samples retrieved from the wreck have finally been analyzed and the results address unanswered questions.

The larger vessel, known as Varbergskoggen 1, was constructed with wood dating to 1346, archaeologists said. The timber was sourced hundreds of miles away in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The smaller ship, known as Varbergskoggen 2, was built using trees from northern Poland between 1355 and 1357, meaning that though the ships share a final resting place, they were sourced from separate countries.

As to why or how the pair of ships sank, researchers are not yet sure.

The larger of the two ships “rolled on to its port side while it was still rigged so the ship must have been in use at the time,” Anders Gutehall, one of the archaeologists on the project, told McClatchy News, adding that the wreck site was a shallow bay at the time the ships sunk.

“We are not sure if they sunk during a storm or if someone deliberately sunk them,” Gutehall said.

Bad weather, collisions, flooding and shifting of improperly stored cargo are some of the main reasons ships go down, according to the Maritime Injury Center.

Soil samples may eventually reveal the types of food and other cargo that were stowed on board, archaeologists said, which may provide more answers about the ships’ final voyages.

The wreck was close to the medieval town Getakärr, indicating the crew was likely transporting goods to or from the town, Gutehall said.

A variety of household items found inside the wreck, including leather shoes, wooden spoons and engraved kegs, may also help researchers in further unraveling the mystery of the sunken vessels.

“In the coming year we will continue with examining the ships’ timber and document each of them with a hand held laser scanner...which will also be used for a 3D reconstruction,” Gutehall said.

At least several other ancient shipwrecks have been discovered off the coast of Sweden in recent years.

A 500-year-old ship full of soldiers and Danish nobility was found off the coast of southern Sweden in 2021, according to the Smithsonian Magazine.

And in October, archaeologists announced another Swedish shipwreck was rediscovered by scuba divers, according to previous reporting from McClatchy News. Samples of the timber led researchers to the conclusion that the wreck was the Äpplet, a 17th century warship commissioned by a Swedish king. ... 59577.html
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An 8-year-old girl meant to inherit a $61 million diamond business in India has renounced her fortune to become a nun
Matthew Loh
An 8-year-old girl meant to inherit a $61 million business abandoned her fortune to become a nun.

Devanshi Sanghvi was initiated to monkhood under the Jain faith in an extravagant ceremony.

An Instagram page, run at least in part by her family, documents her initiation in more than 100 photos.

An 8-year-old diamond heiress in India gave up her fortune this week to become a nun under the Jain faith.

Devanshi Sanghvi stood to inherit Sanghvi and Sons, her family's jewelry business in the city of Surat, until she officially renounced worldly comforts and took her new role under her religious order on Wednesday, Agence France-Presse first reported.

Her family business is worth around $61 million, according to ICRA, a credit agency in India.

Sanghvi was initiated into monkhood over an extravagant five-day ceremony, documented by a robust campaign on an Instagram account with 9,400 followers.

More than 100 photos on the account show the young girl, dressed in elegant clothing and jewelry, posing or participating in various rituals with her parents and sister this week.

Prior to the ceremony, the Instagram page started promoting the prospect of Sanghvi's initiation as far back as September, while also making posts extolling religious virtues and respected figures in Jainism.

"Today Devanshi has chosen to live a life on the path of spiritual development," read a post that appears to have been written by her parents. "We know it is tough, but we are aware that the Diksha life will bring far more happiness than we can ever provide."

The page's latest posts on Wednesday show Sanghvi after her transformation, smiling in white cotton garb that covers her head as she is surrounded by other nuns and Jain followers.

The Instagram page did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Her family are also members of the Jain faith, AFP reported.

Jainism is one of the world's oldest religions and originated in India at least 2,500 years ago, per the Pew Research Center. The religious minority emphasizes the importance of non-violence, meditation, and rejecting worldly pleasures and vegetarianism, with around 5 to 6 million followers in India.

Sanghvi is one of the youngest people to be inducted into Jain monkhood and relinquish worldly possessions, per AFP. Some Jain families are said to encourage their children to become nuns or monks to raise their family's social standing, the outlet reported.

Upon being initiated, nuns stop addressing their relatives as family members, will pluck out their own hair, never shower, always walk barefoot, and only eat what they receive in alms, the BBC's Priyanka Pathak previously reported.

Bipin Doshi, who teaches Jain philosophy at Mumbai University, told the BBC that once a person becomes a Jain nun "your level of spirituality, social standing, religious standing becomes so high, even the richest man will come down and bow to you."

Sanghvi and Sons did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

Read the original article on Insider ... 36210.html
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30 northern US states will be able to see the northern lights tonight. Here's where.

Jordan Mendoza, USA TODAY
Sun, April 23, 2023 at 6:47 PM CDT
It could be a colorful night sky for more than half of millions of people in the northern U.S. as the aurora borealis, or northern lights, could make an appearance in more than half of the country.

The possibility of seeing the dazzling display comes after the sun had a solar flare erupt on Friday that was directed toward Earth, according to the NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center. As a result, 30 states will have the chance to see the the aurora borealis, stretching from Washington to Maine, and as far south as Kansas, the Space Weather Watch says, as long as weather conditions permit.

"All in all, you can anticipate good conditions for auroral displays," EarthSky said.

An aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, is seen in the night sky on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023, near Washtucna, Wash.
ALASKA: Glowing spiral resembling a portal to a new galaxy dazzles in the Alaskan night sky

FEBRUARY: Aurora borealis made a rare appearance in Colorado, setting skies ablaze

Geomagnetic storm watch
The Space Weather Prediction Center issued a G2 (moderate) geomagnetic storm watch into Sunday night, with a chance of a G3 (strong) developing later in the night.

The center has a five-level geomagnetic storm scale, with G1 storms registering as minor and G5s considered extreme. A G2 storm typically happens 360 days every 11 years, the center says.

Where will the northern lights appear?
The northern lights will be possible to see in 30 states, depending on weather conditions like cloud coverage.

"Aurora viewing is likely in the United States tonight as Earth is impacted by a strong solar storm. The most favorable cloud conditions look to be over the Midwest, Plains and parts of the Great Lakes and less favorable conditions in the Northeast and Northwest," the Space Watch said.

Here's the states where it'll be possible to see the northern lights Sunday night:








North Dakota

South Dakota












West Virginia


New Jersey

New York



Rhode Island


New Hampshire


There's a chance the auroras could also been seen in Northern California and Texas.

"Chances for aurora as far south as California, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Alabama, etc if the storms hold in intensity headed into this evening, otherwise, a good portion of the U.S. should still have a chance to see something," the Space Weather Watch said.

What time will the northern lights appear?
The NOAA says the best time to see the northern lights is between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. local time. At that time, officials advise people to get away from city lights to see the the aurora borealis.

Recent northern light displays
The possibility of seeing the northern lights in several states comes a month after they shined in the night sky in the northern U.S., with people in several states capturing pictures of the display.

Follow Jordan Mendoza on Twitter: @jordan_mendoza5.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Northern lights could be seen in 30 US states Sunday. Here's where. ... 04133.html
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Sword of Indian ruler slain by British sells for more than $17 million at auction

Amarachi Orie
Wed, May 24, 2023 at 6:35 AM CDT
The bedchamber sword of Tipu Sultan, an 18th-century king famous for the commanding role he played in wars in southern India, has sold for £14 million ($17.4 million) at auction in London.

The sale price Tuesday was seven times the estimate, breaking the record for an Indian and Islamic object sold at auction, according to a statement from auction house Bonhams.

Tipu Sultan was killed by British forces on May 4, 1799. - Bonhams

“The sword has an extraordinary history, an astonishing provenance and unrivalled craftsmanship,” Nima Sagharchi, group head of Islamic and Indian Art at Bonhams, said in the statement.

“It was no surprise it was so hotly contested between two phone bidders and a bidder in the room. We are delighted with the result,” he added.

Tipu ruled the kingdom of Mysore in southern India between 1782 and 1799, earning the title “Tiger of Mysore” for the ferocity with which he defended his realm, according to the auction house.

The sword was found in the sultan's private palace quarters, near where he slept, after his death. - Bonhams

He pioneered the use of rocket artillery in wars and transformed Mysore into the most dynamic economy in India, Bonhams said.

Tipu was killed by British forces on May 4, 1799, when they stormed his kingdom’s capital, Seringapatam (now Srirangapatna).

After Tipu was killed, his sword, which was found in the private quarters of his palace, was presented to British Major General David Baird as a token of his courage, according to Bonhams.

Tipu slept in a hammock suspended from the ceiling of his bedchamber, with his sword at his side.

The hilt of the sword is decorated with fine gold calligraphy. - Bonhams

The weapon’s handle is decorated with gold calligraphy, “with five of the qualities of God and two invocations calling on God by name,” the auction house said. “The sword of the ruler” is finely inscribed in Persian on the blade, which was manufactured by Mughal swordsmiths following the model of German blades introduced to India in the 16th century.

“This spectacular sword is the greatest of all the weapons linked to Tipu Sultan still in private hands,” said Bruno Vinciguerra, CEO of Bonhams, ahead of the auction.

“Its close personal association with the Sultan, its impeccable provenance traceable to the very day it was captured, and the outstanding craftsmanship that went into its manufacture make it unique and highly desirable,” he added.

For more CNN news and newsletters create an account at ... 50634.html
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