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Leaders International Forum - LIF

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This is a legal entity formed under the Ismaili Ismaili constitution for the benefit and governance of the community.

Imam says the role of LIF is to meet, deliberate and make submission to Hazar Imam (Aga Khan), AND, what Imam specifically directs and mandates LIF. Leaders' International Forum shall meet from time to time to exercise deliberative and consultative functions and submit its views to Mawlana Hazar Imam in respect of any matters, activities, interests or questions affecting the Jamat, AND specifically referred to it by Mawlana Hazar Imam. The submissions of the Leaders' International Forum shall be implemented, only if specifically approved by Mawlana Hazar Imam..”
At Present LIF has 25 Members plus a CEO ( & staff/Team whose details are not provided by LIF)

20 of the 25 members are Presidents of Ismaili community National Councils globally.( See below for full list)

The other 5 are;

1. Chairman of LIF - presently Malik Talib (Before him it was M Eboo who is now Ismaili Ambassador for Canada. Before his it was Azim Lakhani who is now Ismaili Ambassador for Kenya (They all have other positions in community Institutions which are not provided)

2. E Rupani - CEO - Based in UK and IIS– He has been a part of the top Leadership for over 40 years.

3. Shafik Sachedina for over 25 years - Based in UK. He has many mutli and multiple positions in many community Institutions.

4. Razia Kurji - No profile and any other details are not available

5. Tania Kassim No Profile and any other details are not available.

The names on the Executive committee which is appointed by members of LIF, is not known and not provided.


1. Chairman Alijah Malik Talib Canada ( ex President)

2. CEO - Ekbal Rupani - At IIS - for over 40 years

3. Amir Baig Dada Baig – Afghanistan

4. Karim Esmail Sumar – New Zealand & Australia

5. Amyn Saleh - Bangladesh

6. Ameerally Kassim-Lakha – Canada

7. Temiza Nathoo Rawji - DRC Africa

8. Zain Fancy - Far East - covers Malaysia and Singapore

9. Shamir Samdjee – France

10. Ashish Merchant - India

11. Firouz Akbari - Iran

12. Huzur Mukhiani Shamira Dostmohamed – Kenya

13. Pinou Cheraly – Malagacy

14. Amin Rawjee – Mozambique

15. Hafiz-Ur-Rehman Sherali – Pakistan

16. Rahim Firozali - Portugal

17. Ali Qabalan – Syria

18. Muzaffar Jorubov – Tajikistan

19. Alijah Amin Lakhani – Tanzania

20. Azim Tharani – Uganda

21. Aziz Merchant - UAE

22. Naushad Jivraj - United Kingdom

23. Al-Karim Alidina – USA

24. Vazir Dr Shafik Sachedina - Life Member -

25. Arzina Kurji - member

26. Rania Kassim - member

Contact details of the members, or profiles & list of their present multiple positions in other Community entities are not on community websites, directories nor provided on request even to members of the community

MANDATE OF LIF, in the Ismaili Constitution - 1998

The Ismaili constitution is a Firman (Order), ordained by Imam, Aga Khan, and he says in the constitution that it is to be read with Firmans and given freely to all Ismaili Muslims (These are tot given, even on on request)

Leaders International Forum - LIF


”There shall be a Leaders' International Forum to be known as "His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Leaders' International

4.2 The Leaders' International Forum shall be directly under the authority of Mawlana Hazar Imam.

4.3 The Leaders' International Forum shall meet from time to time to exercise deliberative and consultative functions and submit its views to Mawlana Hazar Imam in respect of any matters, activities, interests or questions affecting the jamat AND, specifically referred to it by Mawlana Hazar Imam. The submissions of the Leaders' International Forum shall be implemented only if specifically approved by Mawlana Hazar Imam.

4.4 The Leaders' International Forum shall be composed of:

(a) a Chairman who may or may not be a President of a National Council and who shall hold office for such period as Mawlana Hazar Imam may determine;

(b) persons appointed from amongst the Presidents of the National Councils, whose tenure of office as members of the Leaders' International Forum shall be coextensive with their respective tenure of office as President; and

(c) such other members as may be appointed from time to time who shall hold office for such period as Mawlana Hazar Imam may determine”.

The Full constitutional rules of LIF, and related Firmans, since 1986

These have not been published in the Ismaili websites or publications since 1986. Copies are not provided on request, even to members of the community.

Link to Ismaili constitutions http://www.ismaili.net/html/modules.php ... forum&f=30

Clarification and information has been requested from the Leadership. Not received and will be posted when received.

On 6th December 1993,

His Highness the AgaKhan, Hazar Imam, sent to and for the community ( Jamat) the following guidance message and blessings (Talika) through their President & members of each National Council. (This was followed by a two day meeting with them in Aiglemont in France in 16th & 17th December 1993)

The Talika

The President & Members
His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for ....

My dear President and Members ,

On the occasion of my birthday the 13th of December 1993, I appoint with my most affectionate paternal maternal blessings, the beloved spiritual children mentioned here below as the chairman and members of the Leaders’ International Forum

My Jamat is aware that under the Ismaili Constitution promulgated in December 1986 the Leaders’ International Forum conducts deliberates & makes recommendations to me on such matters which I may refer to it, OR which it may suggest to me, in relation to, the unity, progress and improvement of the quality of life of my Jamat worldwide

Since the appointment of the first members of the Leaders’ International Forum, six years ago, many exceptional and profoundly significant changes have occurred at the regional level and individually in the countries in which my Jamat lives.

This deep process of change requires the widest observation as well is mature and careful reflection if it is to be harnessed for the improvement of the quality of life of the largest number possible of my spiritual children, bringing together in one forum - the Leaders’ International Forum - spiritual children from a large number of areas and countries will I believe enable them to share their respective observations and information and to create a pooled knowledge base from which to address in a more universal manner, with guidance of the Imam of the time, the new forces shaping the world ahead

The widened Leaders’ International Forum will also be better attuned to the ever increasing mobility of my Jamat and to determine how the Jamat needs and opportunities of the future can best be served by our institutions, nationally and internationally

I am confident that the composition of the Leaders’ International Forum membership will give a new and necessary global dimension to the matters it addresses as required at this time

I give my most affectionate paternal maternal loving blessings to the Chairman, and Members for success in their duties

The chairman
Mr Anil Ishani.

Members appointed were the Presidents of each of the 15 National councils at that time, namely;

Canada, - Aziz Bhaloo

India, - Hassanali Firasta

Kenya, - Kurban Bhaloo

Pakistan, - Tajuddin Manji

Syria, - Diab Yahya

Tanzania, - Abdul Sultan Jamal

United Kingdom, - Shafik Sachedina

United States of America, - Habubullah Jamal

Bangladesh, - Ashraf Nizar Ali

Malaysia and Singapore, - Ameer A Mohammed

United Arab emirates, - Sadrudin Damji

Malagasy Republic, - Azad Rajabally

France, - Fared Nandjee

Portugal, - Nazimuddin Ahman

Tajikistan, - Daulat Khodanazarov
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In 2017 , at the start of the Diamond Jubilee , the Jamats Leadership ( LIF) gave the following pledges of Bay’ah & Allegiance to Hazar Imam #AgaKhan

Khudawand we now wish to submit our pledges and loyalty. I request the Jamat to be upstanding.

Oh Imam e Zaman on this 11th Day of July 2017, on this auspicious occasion of the commencement of your Dismind Jubilee year, we present here before you, we voice emotions, commitment and sentiments of millions of of our brothers and sisters around the world.

“We submit our homage to you and reaffirm our Bayah.
Representing our Ismaili brothers and sisters we make the following solemn pledges

1. Mawla we submit to you our unreserved spiritual allegiance
2. We pledge our absolute loyalty
3. We submit ourselves to you as our Imam, Pir and Mursheed to lead us on the path of Surat ul mustaqeem
4. We submit all our love devotion and dedication to you
5. We submit our allegiance to you as the bearer of true authority
6. We pledge our unreserved and unconditional support for all your endeavours
7. We pledge our total support in your work in the. Abuse of Islam, our faith, peace, compassion and human dignity
8. We submit our humble gratitude for your constant care, protection, guidance, and inspiration
9. We pray for the safety security good health and long life for all who are near and dear to you
10. We pray that we be blessed with your Imamat for ever more

Ya Mawla we pray you accept our humble pledges and submissions. Amen

Khudawand we beg to submit this scroll in affirmation of our pledges.

(LIF Chairman M Eboo the presented the scroll to Hazar Imam representing all murids globally).

Hazar Imam has asked the Leadership to be pluralist inclusive Leaders with Best Practice. Link to related Firmans - Imam’s guidance & Goals  http://ismaili.net/source/chatur-best-practice.pdf
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Guidance on Best Practice & Ismaili Ambassadors

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The Present guidance/Firmans of Imam, #AgaKhan is to have Best Practice Inclusive Leadership accountability and transparency. All appointed Leaders in every position has a Primary duty to read follow and share Imams Firmans more at http://ismaili.net/source/chatur-best-practice.pdf

The Ismaili Community Institutions have appointed Ismaili Ambassadors to serve the community in various countries under bilateral agreements with the governments & AKDN - more at http://www.ismaili.net/html/modules.php ... pic&t=9188

H H The #AgaKhan III Imam at the time. And today Imam has directed the Leadership - LIF, & all Ismaili Muslims forctheir Farmans (guidances) to be read shared and implemented.

Farmans are Imams Talim and Tawil ( teachings and Interpretations ), of the Quran. Link below to over 100 Farmans to give and share Farmans.

The Ismaili constitution, which is a Farman, Hazar Imam , Aga Khan says must be given to all, & read it with Farmans.

Any Leaders or Ismaili Muslim blocking or not sharing them is going against the Imam’s Farmans & so against their faith & constitution.


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#OneJamat #viralpluralism
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Leaders must work together to serve the community

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Imam, Aga Khan has asked the Leaders and the community to work together with a goal to serve the community, and do so with best practice, with wisdom and with consensus.

“My Goal is that over the years ahead the institutions will achieve levels of performance called “best practice. And the moment I am able to achieve that with my Jamat in India you will be positioned in a way which I think will be very significant for the future of the Jamat.

But in order to get there I need unity in the Jamat I need all my leaders and I need all my Jamat to work together as one brotherhood, with a common goal which is to serve the Jamat

The first thing I need is unity. The second thing I need is wisdom - wisdom is not a something you learn . it is something that Life teaches you about. But I need the wisdom of the Jamat to deal with the issues in the wise manner , and in a patient manner and in the consensual manner bringing everybody around a common set of goals

That is the spirit of Islam because it is built on brotherhood & therefore I say to my Jamat work together toward common goals “ - (Farman of Hazar Imam 2013)
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Farmans to share Farmans

Imam-guidance https://www.facebook.com/15348147601242 ... 59370/?d=n
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Present members of LIF - July 2021 -TheIsmaili

Alijah Malik Talib. - Chairman Canada

Alijah Amir Baig Dada Baig -Afghanistan

Karim Ismaili Sumar - Australia & NewZealand

Rai Ameerali Kasim Lakha - Canada

Mukhi Tameeza Nathoo Rawji - Congo

Zain Fancy -Far East

Ashish Merchant - India

Firouz Akbarali - Iran

Mukhiani Shamira Dostmohammed. - Kenya

Rai Pinou Cherali- Malagasy

Alijah Hafiz ur Rehman Sherali. - Pakistan

Amin Rawji. - Mozambique

Mukhi Rahim Ramji - Portugal

Mukhi Ali Kabalan - Syria

Mukhi Muzaffar Jorubov - Tajikistan

Alijah Amin Lakhani - Tanzania

Mukhi Azim Tharani - Uganda

Mukhi Aziz Merchant - UAE

Aitmadi Naushad Jivraj - UK/Europe (excluding Portugal/France)

Alijah Al Karim Alidina - USA

Vazir Shafik Sachedina

Alijah Arzina Kurji

Mukhiani Rania Kassim

Mukhi Sameer Shamdjee - France

Amin Saleh -Bangladesh
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Meeting of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum (LIF) in Lisbon

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Forwarding as received:

The National Council is most happy to inform the Jamat that, during a recent
three-day meeting of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum (LIF) in Lisbon,
our beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam was pleased to grant a mulaqat to a delegation
of senior Jamati leaders who submitted a report on key Jamati developments and

At this time, Mawlana Hazar Imam conveyed his best loving blessings to the
global Jamat for safety and security, and for mushkil-asaan.

Mawlana Hazar Imam also graciously granted Ab-e-safa and mehmani jura to be
shared among all Ismaili murids worldwide.

The National Council, Mukhi-Kamadia, Mukhiani-Kamadiani, and all Jamati
institutions convey a warm Mubarak to the Jamat on this occasion.
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Reflections & thematic analysis of 162 speeches of Aga Khan

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Samer Sharani, . "An ontological approach to the Speeches of H.H. The Aga Khan, 49th Imam of the Ismailis" Thematic analysis and illustrative graph of the ontology. This is a thematic analysis by the author who is originally from Salamieh, Syria and is currently a PhD student in political science and international relations at Sabanci University, Istanbul. The study is based on 162 speeches since 1957, date at which H.H. The Aga Khan IV became Imam of the Ismailis. The author has unearthed more than 40 concepts used in these speeches.


Reflection on & Thematic Analysis of the Aga Khan's Speeches since 1957

“We analyzed more than 162 speeches of His Highness Aga Khan IV, the 49th Imam of Ismailis, from 1957 until 2021, and we extracted about 350 distinct quotations out of them.
We utilized thematic analysis method in analyzing these speeches; in that, we searched and secluded patterned themes or ideas, and built them as categories. Each category is a concept the Aga Khan has systematically used. We found that the Aga Khan has used near 40 basic concepts in His speeches. We grouped these concepts and selected quotations that provide exapmles of how the Aga Khan expresses these concepts.”

Link https://ismaili.net/source/speeches/aga ... alysis.htm
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Ismaili Leadership past & present - an Article

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Shia Ismaili Leadership past and present – An article and review by Prof Karim H. Karim who is ex Co Director of Institute of Ismaili Studies, and presently Director, Carleton Centre for the Study of lslam Professor, School of Journalism and Communication Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

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Re: Meeting of the Ismaili Leaders’ International Forum (LIF) in Lisbon

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kmaherali wrote: Fri May 13, 2022 5:10 am
senior Jamati leaders who submitted a report on key Jamati developments and
A copy of the Jamat’s reports submitted and all the related guidance and Farmans from BK Hazar Imam have not been provided to the community. I have requested them from LIF/Councils - Any response has not been received so far

Hazar Imams Farmans are to share them and to include the Jamat’s - Mukhi’s viewtopic.php?p=72356#p72356
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LIF - meeting with Hazar Imam 5 Feb 2023

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Letter & request sent to LIF -Councils & Mukhis

Can you please share what specific global events & challenges were discussed. And, on behalf of the Jamat’s, What did those Jamat’s constitutional Leaders present, say to Hazar Imam about new appointments, and who did they recommend & who decided on who/them? What end of term or other report/swas presented to Hazar Imam?
Can you share a copy of the minutes of the meeting on behalf of and regarding the Jamat with the Jamat

The Announcement 👇🏽
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LIF Chair Interview

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Malik Talib current Chairman of LIF gives 3 key messages and advice of what he claims he has learned during his course of his Seva - Service/serving for the community in the constitutional entities of the Ismaili community

1. Put your Ego Aside, when serving the Imam and the Jamat - Our Ultimate purpose is to “bring a smile on Jamat's face”

2. Understand that everyone has different perspectives - learn to embrace and build consensus - it is not necessary that you are a  leader and therefore your decision will rule the Day

3. We might think of Seva - Serving as giving, but it's actually you are receiving, in term of returns rewards and blessings

BUT the Question is if, he is in fact practicing what he is saying and or advising what others should do ? For example in, the Aga Khan copyright lawsuit, Blocking Farmans blocking the Ismaili constitution Blocking the Imam and Jamat’s resources from the Jamat-community ?

Link to the interview

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Current Members of LIF October 2023

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The present members of LIF are as follows.

All are Presidents of the National Council of the community except for the following strategic appointees. Contact details of all are not provided on request or available. Similarly constitutional rules and regulations nor the appointment process. The minutes nor the reports of the community prepared by LIF are not published nor provided to the community.

LIF is for the benefit and governance of the community and H H The Aga Khan has directed all appointees to be inclusive transparent accountable pluralistic and have best practices. And the full constitution to be made available to every member of the community

Vazir Malik Talib

President, Council for Afghanistan
Alijah Abdul Hadi Alizada

President, Council for Angola
Aitmadi Zahir Aly Sidi

President, Council for Australia and New Zealand
Huzur Mukhiani Dr Gulzar Lakhani

President, Council for Bangladesh
Alijah Amyn Saleh

President, Council for Canada
Aitmadi Ameerally

President, Council for The Democratic Republic of Congo
Rai Saheba Temiza Nathoo Rawji

President, Council for The Far East
Alijah Zain Fancy

President, Council for France
Huzur Mukhi Aiaze Mitha

President, Council for India
Rai Ashish Merchant

President, Council for Iran
Alijah Firouz Akbari

President, Council for Kenya
Alijah Saheba Shamira

President, Council for The Malagasy Republic
Aitmadi Pinou Cheraly

President, Council for Mozambique
Alijah Amin Rawjee

President, Council for Pakistan
Aitmadi Nizar Mewawalla

President, Council for Portugal
Rai Saheba Yasmin

President, Council for Syria
Rai Ali Qabalan

President, Council for Tajikistan
Rai Muzaffar Jorubov

President, Council for Tanzania
Aitmadi Amin Lakhani

President, Council for Uganda
Huzur Mukhi Azim Tharani

President, Council for the U.A.E
Rai Aziz Merchant

President, Council for The UK
Aitmadi Naushad Jivraj

President, Council for The USA
Aitmadi Al-Karim Alidina

Vazir Dr Shafik Sachedina

Rai Saheba Arzina Kurji

Rai Saheba Rania Kassim

LIF Secretary
Vazir Eqbal Rupani
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