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Past or Present customs and their evolution
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Ya Ali Madad.
I feels the words are for inspiration of faith and not dictate the acts n life of Momin.It is only the the order of Imams to direct the act of momins.
All physical act of 1400/1000/700 year back have evolved to does the definaion in today times.
It the word only means hard currency or offering and sharing one's wealth for other.
I need the what imam has said not a Pir who lived 700 years back what should be content in/of offering.
I need from it Imams word,the ginan which are not spiritual other than A PIR,should not be
in forefront (means that away).
Today there mandatory taxes of the country which also in part for welfare of co citizens.
MHI values time n knowledge as the best nazrana for him.
He is seeking personal intellectual n resourceful wealth of Momin.
ALI sees firstly the intent,then ability, then wealth(not only currency)for cause of God/Imam and humanity.
Wealth changes hands but stays on earth ,not send off into universe.
If want to some to be interested ,I need to sell the idea of Intellect n meditation not a Fatwa of a appointed Pir dated 700 years old.
If one does that,they may consider one as lunatic.
Every word or words said by ALI need to see from sky level n not only from ground zero level.
We khojas are materially blessed today because of over average generosity of one wealth.
We are much much above 99% of the world population.
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Technically 12.5% called Dasond is wrong. In out terminology Dasond means
10% or DHA YAK in Persian.It is true 10% had been religious obligation from time of Prophet Adam. In Wajhu Din Nasir Khusraw has mentiond Dha Yak means 10% in chapter Zakat. In Pandiyat i Jawanmardi, translated by Ivanow
on page 55, Imam Mustansirbillah's quote is, " Dha Yak belong to Imam,
Dha Yak has been established by Amir ul Mo'mineen Ali Murtaza". Dasond is mentioned more than 100 times in various Ginans. Now question is about 2.5%.There are two views on this. Pirs have mentioned in Ginans about CHALISMO/CHALISVO, means 2.5% belong to Pir of time. Past 100 years Imamat and Piratan is one that's why 12.5% belongs to Imam which he utilizes for benefit of mureeds and humanity. Some Ismailis say because Imamat and Piratan is one there fore 2.5% is considered as Zakat. My personal view is, 10%
Dasond and 2.5% is Zakat= 12.5%.
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Ya ALI madad.
If one observes the pirantan.so many pir' s it they would have concentrated on preaching
They wrote to to many poems. It was not needed.what was the intellect n literacy in india.
If two or three books can deliver the message why in hundred.
Their movement was slow ,as poor farmers already paid taxes to rulers then,they than added 2.5 as not to touch 10 % for ALI ,this was to maintain their entourage n build Jk etc.
Expect for one or two Pir,Did any Pir/syed worked or earned for its own living.
This is real observation, If they would have a strategy akin of Nasir Khusraw There would have been 10 times khojas today.
Dropout from khojas in past 700 year because the offering obligation pinched them.
Only ALI+lah= Allah is perfect.
So a level below of prophets n Pir are not immune for making mistakes.
If one sees for their 2.5% surcharge,they wrote more on that subject n may be less of spiritual essence.
That's why imam SMS said to indicating Only 'A' catergory of A named Pir.
So by default all category from B-Z and those names of B-Z should have gone to godown
Everybody in this forum is clash of ignorance to wise from 16.67% to low common sense at83.33 level of ignorance.
What would then MHI say such word in gathering of intellects in high Altar of Harvard.
Find that answer first rather than digging data of 1400/1000/700 year old.
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nuseri wrote: Everybody in this forum is clash of ignorance to wise from 16.67% to low common sense at83.33 level of ignorance.
Still no one in this Forum can beat your level of ignorance which approaches 99.9% pure gold :-)

Before commenting on Pirs who are entitled to 2.5% (Nassir Khusraw is not in the list of those entitled), at least read on what is the spiritual status of the PIR according to our faith anf try to understand why Hazar Imam is today the PIR of all Ismailis, not only of Khojas.

After that please come back to the appropriate thread for this discussion and we will wholeheartedly accept your apology for your misunderstanding and misrepresentation of a very basic principle in Ismaili faith.
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Ya Ali Madad.
Whatever of 99% it could be.Gold has good value.
I am reffering appointed Pirs were not simelteniously Imams Also.
They prayed to Imam and we do not pray to them ,we are follow Imam dictates not to act n circumstances as seen in their mortal life.
The 90% stuff of the whole Team Wrote repetitive stuff.if Water is H2O then whey repeat
700 times.
In past narrow narration of the word offering did not see government taxes,indirect consumption taxes,charity and offering of physical n intellectual time.
It pissed of many then.
In a country like at high level salary upto 25% income is pre taxed n other 10% income goes in local tax of federal,state n city.
The nett for his or her family is 65% in hand.
The narrow narration would be 12.5% of 100%,
Even if the person pays 10% of 75%.,the government of Canada as responsible spend at least 15% of 35% that is 5% of 100.on less forunates and as aid to third world .
In eyes of God ,that person has full filled honestly all obligation his contribution to God plus in direct contribution to cause of humanity.
Time n circumstance have changed.
The person if offering any voluntary service to the cause of ALI n humanity has a ratio n implied value given by farman of IMAM SMS.
What current says is more important than a Pir dictated 700 years back.
Does anybody can tell what is the obligation set for Ismailia in China?
One is narrating rubbish of 1400 physical act and another parroting the acts dictated 700 years old.
They are dead n gone for good.they were not God.They said without civilized government n taxation systems in place then.
If all info on n from China is available on internet then no need to go China now.
What was valid then ,it is not reasonable now in many acts.
Has MHI spoke one word on it.but we have indicative majlis and his seeking time n knowledge offering,a human n intellectual capital valued at par of may be higher than financial offering.
99.5% of people do pay D to Imam,are they doomed to Hell.read the holy book properly.
ALI does accept at unseen to them their intent,offering at religious place,charity n genorousity.
Blinkered view is dangerous.
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AKU as a Channel for Zakat Expenditure

University Hospital15 Years of Health & Hope: The Patients’ Behbud Society for Aga Khan

| by ismailimail
|Posted on April 19, 2016

The Patients’ Behbud Society – assistance for financially disadvantaged – (PBS) for Aga Khan University Hospital held a celebratory dinner in appreciation of its donors for the generosity with which they donate their zakat to the PBS cause of helping patients’ in need as well as to mark their 15th year anniversary.

The event was held at the Aga Khan University main campus, Karachi and attended by many prestigious personalities including guest of honour attendees: renowned playwright Anwar Maqsood and brilliant TV and film actress, Bushra Ansari.

The Patients’ Behbud Society for Aga Khan University Hospital (PBS) was founded in 2001 by well-wishers of Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH). Its main objective is to assist mustehiq (financially disadvantaged) patients to avail high quality health care at AKUH. The Society’s single source of funding is zakat contributions (and donations) received from individual donors and corporations. The faculty and staff members of AKU also contribute to PBS.

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Late Alwaez Shamsh Bandali Haji has outlined the main ideas relating to the significance of Dasond in his book : The Noor En Allah Noor which can be accessed online at: http://ismaili.net/heritage/node/15495.

The explanation of Dasond is on Page 283 onwards at: http://ismaili.net/heritage/files/NoorE ... 76-424.pdf
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One of my office colleague from Hunza told me that Ismailis of Gilgit Baltistan and Chitral pays 10% of their net income in Dasond and according to her they're told by MHI to do so.

Do we have any Farman or Taliqah related to this?
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"Dasond is the first of all duties. Without it there is no foundation just as without dua 2 minute each time there is no foundation for other prayers

Holy Talika Cannes 1948



Reminder to be regular in our Dasond.
Here are a few verses of Anant Akhado on the significance of Dasond with
English translation and meaning. Worth reading..
and preserving for future references and explaining
to other members of the Jamat.

“Aashaji pa(n)chmi baari Dasondni kahiye, te sahuthi moti janoji;

Te ma(n)he tame rahejo hushiyar, to raheso Gurnar ne saath.

(Anant Akhado, verse: 256)”.

Meaning: O’ momin, the fifth window is that of submitting Dasond to your Lord. Be very careful and do not forget that it is the most important of all windows. If you remain regular and consistent in the practice of Dasond; then you will stay with your ‘Gurnar’ in both worlds (this and the next one that is the spiritual world).

Aashaji gurgat ganga ma(n)he amej betha, partak gurnar awtarji;

Kamavo je tamari rozi, te ma(n)he thi Dasond aalo (348).

Meaning: O’ momin, in the Jamatkhana we are seated as your Lord who has been manifested in a human form. Whatever you earn in your life, give Dasond from that earning to your Lord. Here it is evident that Dasond is to be submitted from one’s income because this is our sustenance which is provided by God. Therefore, as an appreciation we are submitting part of it to in the way of God. But pertinent questions arise such as how much do we pay? To whom we pay, since God has no form and He is not visible to our naked eyes, so where to find God? Answers to these questions are also provided by the Pir as he says in the next verse:

Dasond Sahebji ne aaljoji, pachhi jamjo te chokhu dhan re”.

Thus by paying Dasond momin becomes clean and purified, and what ever he eats after submitting the Dasond becomes clean and pure.

For example, in the verse 106 Pir says:

Aashaji thud Dasond ne muraj dharm, fal te munivar janoji;

Meaning: O’ momin, Dasond is like the bark of a tree, whereas religion is its roots, and the momins or believers are its fruits. This is also evident from Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah’s Farman in which He says: “Dasond veena dharma no payoj nathi”, that is, without Dasond there is no foundation for religion.

In other verses Pir explains the meaning of Dasond, the amount we are required to give from our income, and who is entitled to receive it from the momins. In the following verses Pir says:

Aashaji gurgat ganga ma(n)he amej betha, partak gurnar awtarji;

Kamavo je tamari rozi, te ma(n)he thi Dasond aalo (348).

Meaning: O’ momin, in the Jamatkhana we are seated as your Lord who has been manifested in a human form. Whatever you earn in your life, give Dasond from that earning to your Lord. Here it is evident that Dasond is to be submitted from one’s income because this is our sustenance which is provided by God. Therefore, as an appreciation we are submitting part of it to in the way of God. But pertinent questions arise such as how much do we pay? To whom we pay, since God has no form and He is not visible to our naked eyes, so where to find God? Answers to these questions are also provided by the Pir as he says in the next verse:

Aashaji Dasond dasmi panti aalo, dosh ma rakho bhari;

Das avtare dasmi panti, emhi Dasond lakhani (349).

Meaning: O’ momin Dasond is prescribed as 10% of your income and he advices that in submitting the Dasond do not cheat or keep debt on your head, because by not paying an accurate amount as your Dasond you are committing a sin and for this you have to give an account on the Day of Judgment. Further he explains that presently God is manifested in a human form and this is His 10th manifestation (Awtar) for each manifestation 1% was prescribed and since this is the 10th one, we pay 10%.

Further, in the following verse, he provides an explanation on who we should pay Dasond to and who is the right authority to accept the Dasond:

Aashaji nar naklanki takhatej betha, tene Dasond aaloji;

Dasond deve te sarge jawe, awar te sarve thotha (350).

Meaning: In the above verse Pir says: ‘nar nakalanki (the Imam of the time) who is seated on the throne (of Imamat), submit Dasond to Him as He is entitled to accept the Dasond from His murids or followers. One who gives Dasond goes to paradise and all others remains out of it.

Therefore, the questions arise who is the Imam and why He is entitled to receive the Dasond? If we examine the history of Islam we will find that during the time of Prophet Muhammad, He had the authority to collect Zakat and booties from the wars that Muslims had won. This was called Khums. He in turn was entitled to distribute this wealth among his followers specially those who were poor, orphans and wayfarers. In this respect the Quran says:

“And know that whatever of war booty that you may gain, verily, one fifth (1/5) of it is assigned to Allah and to Messenger (and also) the orphans, al-masakin (the poor) and the wayfarer… (8:41)

Aashaji shah na deedar takhate bes se, ti(n)ya dasondnu puchhe ji;

Jibrail ti(n)ya puchh wane awe, Dasond weena sarve jootha. (358)

Meaning: On the Day of Judgment God will be seated on the thrown and He will ask about the submission of Dasond. At that time an angel Gabriel (Jibril) will come to each one of us and will ask us whether we have submitted our Dasond or not. Based on this practice we will be judged as a true momin or a false one. Therefore to be a true satpanthi momin we have to submit our Dasond accurately. Imam Ali Shah Datar in this respect says:

“You may perform the bandgi for thousand years but if your submission of Dasond is faulty then your Ibadat or Bandgi will not be accepted by Allah. So be accurate in submitting Dasond, calculate it every day because you will be asked on the Day of Judgment by angel Jibrail about submission of your Dasond” (Farman #9. Mumbai, 1874). In similar way Pir explains in the verse 155,

Aashaji khara khota na parkha thase, tame muniwar cheti ne chaloji;

Dasond veena mur ukhadi jase, jase te ghor andhar.

Meaning: O’ momin the day God will test true momin from the false ones. So O’ my brothers you should be careful in your religious duties. The roots of your religious beliefs depend on submission of Dasond and without it your beliefs will be uncovered, just like open roots, which will eventually get destroyed and your soul will go into a great darkness

Aashaji Dasond deta jivaj chute, Paho(n)che sarag duwar;

Bhave sagar na fera chute, jo deve Dasond daan.

Meaning: O’ momin if you give Dasond then you will free your soul from the cycles of the birth and death. In doing this you will also reach to the door of the paradise. By giving Dasond you will be able to cross the ocean of this life that is known as ‘Bhavesagar’

Aashaji Dasond fal daynu(n) jano, dil vichari ne chaloji;

Dasond khai je momen hoshe, te hoshe Kawravo ni jodji. (353)

Meaning: in this verse Pir says, Dasond is the fruit of mercy so think deeply about it and act upon it, because those who fail to pay the Dasond are friends of those 100 brothers (Kawravo) who committed numerous sins against their cousins (Pandavo-the five brothers); who were on the true path.[8] Here to be the friends of Kawravos means to be not only on the wrong path but to be against the truth and paying Dasond is the greatest truth, which keeps us on the right path and it keeps us away from evil thoughts and actions.

Further, Pir explains in the verse 354 that:

Aashaji dhandho karwa duniya ma(n)he aviya, leva aap deedarji;

Nav pa(n)ti tame lai ne chalo, dasmi narji ne aaloji.

Meaning: giving Dasond is like doing a business of selling and purchasing. For example, by giving Dasond you are buying the deedar of your Imam, and for this reason you have taken the birth in this world. Pir further explains that it is like a contract of sale and purchase in which you keep 90% of your income for your own livelihood and pay 10% to your Imam for his personal needs, and in return you will get illuminated vision (the deedar) of your Imam or you will see illuminated light of God. Without submission of Dasond none of these can be achieved by a human being.

In similar manner Pir in the verse 357 says:

Aashaji Dasond deve ane sidke raheve, ehi moman sachaji;

Aado marag teone nahi, ne bhetiya shah na deedar.

Meaning: O’ momin one who is regular in submitting pure Dasond is known as true believer. He or she will never go astray and leave the straight path. Such person will have Imam’s Deedar.

For those who do not submit their Dasond or pays God’s share from their income, Pir warn them in many verses. For example, in the verses 359-365 he explains in detail:

Aashaji kiriya kidhi and dharm-e chaliya, saati hua apaarji;

Saat sarag ma te jiv pohoto, pan ooncho te nahi jaye ji.

Meaning: there is one who followed the religion very carefully; he or she is known as true person. Such soul will reach to the paradise but will not elevate to a higher state of Fana fi Allah. Since he failed to submit the Dasond his soul was not freed from the cycles of death and birth.

Further Pir says in the verse 362:

Aashaji Dasond na deve gur ne na mane, te Nar kiyan thaki pameji;

Dasond veena te ookhadi jashe, te jashe chovees karod manhe.

Meaning: O momin one who fails to give Dasond and also fails to believe in the Imam of the time or the divine guide, then how can he find the true Imam or true Nar? Without Dasond he will loose his belief in true religion and he will join those 240 millions who accepted Ismailism in the time of Imam Islam shah but lost their opportunity to free their souls as they fail to understand importance of Dasond and fail to pay Dasond. (Verse 363).

In addition, Pir says in the verse 367:

Aashaji kupatre daan khara jano, Dasond veena nahi laveji;

Kalarmanhe jem mehaj varse, tenu dhan na thai.

Meaning: O’ Momin you can not give your Dasond or charity to unworthy person as it will not bear any fruits. It is like the rain comes at the time when the season of planting seeds is over then there will not be any harvesting.

In conclusion, I would like to quote an important verse from the Ginan ‘Satveni ni vel’ composed by Syed Noormohammad Shah Bin Imam Shah[9] who says:

Je koi Dasond na deve joog ma(n)he, Ooska haal eyu(n) thaya;

Baki nav panti howe lakadi, Dasmi narji ki aag tapani.

Navpanti ku jalakar deve, dasmi aap sab aagaj howe.

Meaning: O’ Momin, in this world if someone fails to pay Dasond then his or her situation is in which 90 % of income which one should have kept it for his own use becomes dry sticks or dry branches and 10% becomes a spark that burns 90% of income.

Here the moral of a lesson is that if you think you are saving 10% of your income but in reality this 10% act as a spark and burns everything you have. Therefore, momins do not play with the spark of fire that will burn down your 100% of earnings and without it all your prayers, Ibadat, bandgi, charity, good deeds and zikr will not bear any fruits what so ever. Hence you will also loose the spiritual benefits of all good deeds, prayers, bandgi, du’a, zikr, fasting, Hajj and charity. By submitting 10% you will not become poor materially or spiritually. Infect, by paying 10% you will be saving 90% of your earnings and at the same time you will gain the benefit of getting 125000 times more in this world as well as in the next one too. This is explicitly confirmed by the Pir in the verse 459.
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With reference to article Dasond as received, it is mentioned in the following paragraph "Dasond is ZAKAH+KHUMS". I don't think it is a correct notion. In Islam Zakah is two and half percent and Khums is five percent is equal to seven and a half percent, where as Ismailis pay 12.5%.

In Wajhu Din Nasir Khusraw has mentiond Dha Yak means 10% in chapter Zakat. In Pandiyat i Jawanmardi, translated by Ivanow
on page 55, Imam Mustansirbillah's quote is, " Dha Yak belong to Imam,
Dha Yak has been established by Amir ul Mo'mineen Ali Murtaza".

Hence Ismailis pay Dha Yak i.e 10% + 2.5% Zakah= 12.5%.
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Admin wrote:"Dasond is the first of all duties. Without it there is no foundation just as without dua 2 minute each time there is no foundation for other prayers

Holy Talika Cannes 1948.

The complete reference of this Talika is: Cannes 5 February 1948 p.69 from the section "Mubarak Talika ane Sandesho" of the book "Mowlana Hazar Imam na Pavitra Farman tatha Mubarak Sandeshao" published in Dar es Salaam 1950, first edition of 2,000 copies published jointly by Ismailia Association for Tanganyika, Kenya and Uganda.
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Ismailis pay Dah Yak 10% + Zakah 2.5%= 12.5%
Dah Yak 10% is Dasond, what phrase shall we use technically for 12.5%.
In my opinion we can call 'Dasond wa Zakah'. It will clear wrong impression in non Ismailis who usually say Imam is charging them 12.5% of earnings.
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Ismiali Dassond - Dasond as regular tax

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Extract from an Address by Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah at the Ismaili Association Mission Conference held at Dar es Salaam in July 1945

http://ismaili.net/timeline/1945/1945-i ... erence.pdf


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Ismaili Muslims pay Tithe - Dasond to their Imam

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a) He gives back over 98% of the money from the believers -community, to the community (via their constitutional institutions).
b) All the services given are used for the benefit of the community
c) The money is given in all forms are voluntarily, and under the pledge of allegiance and covenant between the Imam and each of them. Ismailis receive Farmans/Guidance from the Imam which they follow. The money given is a part of the alms, like at time of Prophet Mohammed.
d) Allah has said in the Quran to given alms/money to the Prophet and to obey him. For Ismailis to continue to obey Imams (following Ghadir Khumm)
e) Regarding the percentage of Income given by Ismailis to Imam. Imam has not given a Farman on percentages and said this is entirely voluntary. The percentages are prescribed or suggested by Leaders in the community.
If anyone has any Farmans on this, please share. Bearing in mind what Imam has said below re Ismaili tithe

“In Ismaili tradition, because there is nothing which I have seen in writing, it is 10% at the present time, but the interesting thing is that, in effect, I would say easily 98% of those funds, and in fact at times much more than 98%, in fact probably of the order of 150%, goes back to the community” (Aga Khan 1976)

Imam has said his inherited personal activities & assets are separate and limited. If he thought the community, or demands of his role as Imam require, then he would give them up, He has confirmed many times that he has dedicated his life to his role as Imam and nothing else is more important to him.


1. BBC 6th sept 1979 re 10% and 98%
2. Tweet re 98% https://twitter.com/chaturmahebub/statu ... 42912?s=12
3. Constitution http://www.ismaili.net/html/modules.php ... pic&t=8190
4. Dasond – entirely voluntary http://www.ismaili.net/html/modules.php ... highlight=
5. CBC Interview – Aga Khan re Tithe and use of it http://www.nanowisdoms.org/nwblog/3268/
6. Dasond/Zakat – article
https://ismailignosis.com/2018/03/07/q- ... ond-zakat/
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Dasond verses in Anant Akhado and Saloko

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Anant Akhado Verses

Aashaajee Deeyo dasond ne Nar-ne srevo
to man kareeyo vadhaai-yun jee
to mahaadan tam-ne doylo na laage
beso Gur-Nar ne paas....................Haree anant...82

Oh Lord Observe the tithe and worship(serve) your Imam
then your mind will become magnanimous
Then on the Day of reckoning you will not feel the
burden of trials and tribulations(you will be shielded)
and you will be sitting in the presence of the
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Maankhaa avtaar utam-j keedhaa
ane keeyaa so utam-j kaam jee
dasond vinaa neechaa kahevaa-she
tenee saankh na potee aae...............Haree anant..105

Oh Lord We have made the human beings for a very exalted purpose
and destiny only
and have assigned only the exalted work for them to do
But without the tithe they will be regarded as lower
and their link will not reach the Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Thudd dasond ne mull-j dharam
fal te muneevar jaanno jee
haal vaayke gat maanhe gujaaro
to pohonche Gur Nar ne haath............Haree anant..106

Oh Lord The tithe is the trunk and the roots are the religion
and the fruits are the momins
Offer prayers in the prayer house
so that they will reach the hands of Gur Nar
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kharaa khotta- naa paarkhaa thaashe
tame muneevar chetee ne chaalo jee
dasond veenaa mull ukhddi jaashe
jaashe te ghor andhaar..................Haree anant..155

Oh Lord There will be an accountability of the true and the
You momins please be on guard
Without the tithe a momin will be uprooted
and will go to utter darkness
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Nameeyaa khameeyaa Gur-jee ne bhaave
ane dasond Nar jeeno aahaar jee
dharam niyam tenee vaadd-j kaheeyen
Gur kahe so aapo hee aap................Haree anant..302

Oh Lord The Guide likes humility and patience
and the tithe is the food of the Lord
Remain within the boundary of religious discipline by
being regular for religious duties
and the Guide speaks spontaneously
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Das-bandhee sir-bandhee Shaah kun pyaaree
tethee gareeb jamaaddo jee
gareeb te je kayn nav jaanne
par-naaree saamu nav jove...............Haree anant..305

Oh Lord The Lord loves the tithe observing and life sacrificing
and therefore feed the poor
The poor are the ones who know nothing
and they don't look at others' wives with coveteous eyes
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dasond dasmee paantee aalo
dosh ma raakho bhaaree jee
das avtaare dasmee paantee
emhee dasond leekhaannee................Haree anant..349

Oh Lord Submit the tenth part(of your earning) as a tithe
do not hold any blame for it as it is very burdonsome
Submit the tenth part to the ten manifestations of the
the tithe is prescribed to be paid to Him
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Nar Naklankee takhate-j betthaa
tene dasond aalo jee
dasond deve te sarge jaave
avar te sarve thothaa...................Haree anant..350

Oh Lord The pure and perfect Husband is seated on the throne
only(and no where else)
submit the tithe to Him
Whoever submits the tithe goes to the heavens
and the rest are all useless things
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kalap jug maanhe dasond-j hotee
avar nahee khuchh veechaar jee
dasond veenaa je jeev raheshe
te fera fare chodhaar...................Haree anant..351

Oh Lord From the era of Kalaps the practice of submitting the
tithe has been established
there is no compromise about it
A soul that remains without submitting the tithe
will continue to go into cycles(births) everywhere and
never reach the final destination..
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Mull zaaleene mull-ne aaraadho
to mull thaki tame paamo jee
kalap jug-naa tame geenaan vichaaro
to moman reedehmaa geenaan-j aanno......Haree anant..352

Oh Lord Hold firmly to the roots(the tithe) and adore them
because of the firmly held roots you will reap the
Reflect upon the knowledge(ginaans) of the era of Kalap
and accept only the ginaans in your hearts
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dasond fall dayaa-nu jaanno
deel vichaaree-ne chaalo jee
dasond khaai je moman hoyshe
te hoyshe Koravaa-nee jod...............Haree anant..353

Oh Lord The fruits of tithe are the Lord's mercy(pity) and grace
so reflect upon your hearts and act accordingly
A momin who consumes the tithe
will be in the company of the Korwas
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dhandho karvaa duneeyaa maanhe aavyaa
levaa aap deedaar jee
nav paanti tame lai-ne chaalo
das-mee Nar-jeene aalo ji...............Haree anant..354

Oh Lord You have come to the world to earn your livelihood
and to take your spiritual vision
Take nine parts(from your earnings) and live from it
submit the tenth part to the Imaam
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sun-kaall maanhe tap-naa kaheeyen
tyaan dasond detaa jee
nur Nar to tyaare eklaa rahe-taa
tyaan-thee hui dasond...................Haree anant..355

Oh Lord In the primordial void when there was only contemplation
(upon the universe) by the Lord
at that time submission of the tithe was there
The Lord of light was alone at that time
since then the principle of the tithe has come down to
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sun-kaall maanhe thee rachanaa keedhee
tees deen dasond leekhaannee jee
Gur geenaan ved vichaaro
to dasond veena nahee chhuto............Haree anant..356

Oh Lord From the primordial void the Lord created the universe
it is from that day the practice of the tithe has been
If you reflect upon the guidance of the Guide and the
scriptures including the ginaans and the vedas
you will realise that without the tithe , the salvation
of the soul is not possible
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee dasond deve ne seedke raheve
ehi moman saachaa jee
aado maarag teo-ne naahee
ne bhettyaa Shaah-naa deedaar...........Haree anant..357
Oh Lord A person who submits the tithe and remains steadfast
(in religion)
he is indeed a true momin
Such a person will not stray on to the wrong path
and he is embraced by the spiritual vision of the Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Shaah-naa deedaar takhat-e betth-she
tyaan dasond-nu puchhe jee
Jabraail tyaan puchhavaa-ne aave
dasond veenaa sarve jutthaa.............Haree anant..358

Oh Lord The Lord's vision will be bestowed while He is seated on
the throne
there he will question regarding the payment of the
The angel Jibraail will be there to question about it
without the tithe everything is false
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Keereeyaa keedhee ne dharame chaalya
sati huwo apaar jee
saat sarag-maa te jeev pohotaa
pann uncho te nahee jaay................Haree anant..359

Oh Lord A person who performs the prescribed rituals and
observes outward religious law
such a person is regarded as a great saint
He has reached the seventh heaven
but will not go higher than that(without the tithe)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dasond na deedhee ne keereeyaa keedhee
te sati huwo apaar ji
dasond kaarann uncho nahee chaddeeyo
tene aavee deedar ni khott..............Haree anant..360

Oh Lord A person who does not submit the tithe but performs all
the prescribed rituals
such a person is regarded as a great saint(outwardly)
Without the submission of the tithe this person will not
rise higher
and will indeed incur the loss of the Vision
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Thudd dasond deeyo mora bhaai
to mule mul samaannaa jee
pachhe dharam veeraa bhaai tame kar jo
to daar-o-daar samaay...................Haree anant..361

Oh Lord Oh my brothers submit the tithe which functions as the
trunk of the tree (of life) and is the visible part of it
then all the roots will be in place
(the inner invisible aspects of Faith will automatically
take care of themselves)
After that if you perform all the outward religious
then all the branches will grow spontaneously
(it will be easy and unburdonsome to perform outward
duties in life)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dasond na deve Gur-ne na maane
te Nar kyaan thakee paame jee
dasond veena te ukhaddee jaayshe
te jaayshe chovees karodd maanhe........Haree anant..362

Oh Lord If a person does not observe the tithe and does not
carry out the orders of the Guide
How can he/she attain (be with) the Master
Without the tithe(and hence without Divine protection)
he/she will get uprooted
and will join the ranks of the 24 crore unliberated
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Chhatrees karodd puraa dharamee
Sree Islam Shaah bhettyaa jee
dasond kaarann jeev ddolaavyaa
te chaalyaa chovees ghor andhaar........Haree anant..363

Oh Lord There were 36 crore true believers
who accepted Sree Islam Shah as the Imam of the Time
But because of the non observance of the tithe, the
faith of the souls was shaken
They were 24 crore such souls who were condemned to the
darkness of ignorance-eternal darkness
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dasond deve seedke raheve
hayraan na hoyshe sohee jee
maarag chhoddee so kabee nav jaashe
dasond mul chhe aapannu.................Haree anant..364

Oh Lord A person who observes the tithe and remains steadfast(in
his duties)
will indeed never be in trouble
This person will never abondon the Right Path for any
other way
the tithe is the right of the Imam of the time
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dasond veenaa deen na jaanno
fal sohee na fale jee
mull sukaa to fal sarve sukaa
sukaa daar-e-daar.......................Haree anant..365

Oh Lord Without the tithe there is no religion at all
and nobody is going to reap the fruits without it
If the roots are dry then all the fruits will be dry
and all the branches will be dry
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Sukaa fal so nahee kuchh bhaave
tenu moddhun fitt-fitt thaay jee
khaaraa paannee sarovar kaheeyen
peetaa taras nav jaaye..................Haree anant..366

Oh Lord The dried(raw) fruits are never tasteful
and the face of the person eating them becomes very ugly
The lake water is very salty(although it is abundant)
it will never quench one's thirst no matter how much of
it is drunk
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Kupaatre daan khaaraa jaanno
dasond veenaa nahee leve jee
kalar maanhe jem mehaj varse
tenu daan nav thaay.....................Haree anant..367

Oh Lord If charity is directed towards a false container-purpose
(any institution other than the Imam's)
The Lord will not accept it as charity without
observance of the tithe
It is like rain falling on an infertile ground
and the charity does not benefit the donor (or the
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Aal Imaam ne Peer Musale
daayam dasond deve jee
tab so Peer musale kaheeyen
je kare na man mottaai..................Haree anant..368

Oh Lord From progeny of the Imam are the honourable Peers
they always observe the tithe
That is why the Peer is honoured
and he is the one who is not arrogant
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Pahelee aal musale kaheeyen
jo dasond Nar-kun deve jee
araj bandagi sun dasond-j deve
deve aapo-hee aap.......................Haree anant..369

Oh Lord The first progeny is regarded as honourable
as it submits the tithe to the Lord
They submit the tithe entirely with supplications and
and they submit spontaneously
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Araj bandagee keereeyaa kare
ane seedke-sun dasond deve jee
tabee Sat Pant-thee moman keelaave
sohee deedari aap.......................Haree anant..370

Oh Lord Whosoever performs supplications, meditations and
prescribed rituals
and remains steadfast in the practice of tithe
It is only then that this person can be called a momin
on the Right Path
and is indeed the receiver of Your Vision
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Pahelee dasond Peer-e aalee
tyaanthee mureede aalee jee
amaaraa vachan je mureed na maane
te jaashe ghor andhaar..................Haree anant..371

Oh Lord The first tithe was submitted by the Peer himself
and from then on the murids submitted
Whichever murid does not follow our guidance
will go to utter darkness
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dasond paramaanne saachaa chaalo
karo keereeyaa kamaai jee
keereeyaa karo to meetthaa laago
to paamo anant mevaa....................Haree anant..372

Oh Lord Conduct yourselves faithfully according to the
principles implied by the submission of the tithe(i.e. sukreet-
good deeds)
and perform the rewarding rituals sincerely
By performing the rituals sincerely you will feel
sweet(imbued with love-ishk)
and as a result you will gain the eternal(timeless)
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Saahebdeen gareeb veshe
fakeeree puree raakhee jee
sufal tenne dasond-j deedhee
to paayaa deen rahemaan.................Haree anant..383
Oh Lord Peer Saahebdin took on a very poor outward form
and maintained complete simplicity of life
He observed the tithe entirely in a rewarding manner
so he was blessed with the religion of the Merciful Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Peer Sadardeen buzrag kaheeyen
so baar karoddee naa dhannee jee
kal jug maanhe jeevddaa taaryaa
saachi dasond aalee.....................Haree anant..384

Oh Lord We regard Pir Sadardin as noble and distinguished
as he was the master of twelve crore souls(he saved
He liberated the souls in the present era
and practised the tithe in a proper manner
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Aal Sadardeen Peer Hassan-Kabeerdeen
kahe sohi geenaan ji
ham-tam sarve dasond deve
to pohonche Shaah-ne dwaar..............Haree anant..386

Oh Lord The son of Pir Sadardeen is Pir Hassan Kabeerdeen
he is the one who is expounding the (current)
ginaan(divine knowledge and wisdom in these verses)
If we all observe the tithe
we'll reach the abode of the Lord
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Ham-tam maanhe nahee kuchh veennas
jo hoyshe keereeyaa saaree jee
dasond detaa jeev-j chhutte
pohonche sarag dwaar....................Haree anant..457

Oh Lord There will not be any damage in the relationship between
me and You
if the prescribed rituals are perfect and pure(done with
the correct intentions)
By observing the tithe the entire soul gets freed
and reaches the doorstep to heaven
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Dasond deve neet-neet leve
daan-pun sohee jee
bhav saagar-naa feraa chhutte
jo deve dasond daan.....................Haree anant..458

Oh Lord A person who observes the tithe and reaps the fruits
thereof everyday
is indeed observing the religious duties(correctly)
The person is freed from the repeated bonds of this
worldly existence
if he/she observes the charity of the tithe
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Fal paake fal-j leshe
te Gur Bhramaa jeeke haathe jee
ek fal-naa savaa laakh lesho
lesho Shaah jeeke haathe................Haree anant..459

Oh Lord (A momin observing tithe) will reap only the ripened
and will get them (personally) from the hands of Gur
Bhramaa(light of prophethood)
You will get the reward (fruit) which is equivalent(in
value) to one hundred and twenty five thousand times the payment
and you will get them (personally) from the hands of the
Haree You are eternal...

Aashaajee Fal levaa-ne puraa aave
aave te Shaah ne hazur jee
jug dekhataa fal-j aap-she
aap-she te aapo hee aap.................Haree anant..460

Oh Lord Only those who are pure(who have perfected their duties)
will come to receive their fruits(rewards)
and they will come in the presence of the Lord
He will grant only the fruits(rewards) which are
appropriate for the time and place
and He will grant them spontaneously
Haree You are eternal...

Saloko Verses

satgur kahere: imaan raakhsho to chhuttsho
ane gur kahe chhe pukaar
saachee dasho(n)d-j aaljo
ane deelksha(durthee) laagjo paay re............93

The True Guide says: If you maintain faith then you will be free and the Guide cries out to you. Submit the genuine tithe and bow to the feet of the Imaam from a distance(don't go too close to Him).

satgur kahere: kol dasho(n)d no aaleeyo
ane te maataano geerbhaavaas maa(n)he jaann
tem nee(n)daa no kol pann aaleeyo
je nahee karavee kenee vaat re..................94

The True Guide says: You gave a promise to submit the tithe and it was during the pregnancy of your mother(before your birth). In the same manner you gave a promise of not backbiting and slandering and not talking about anyone.

satgur kahere: dasho(n)d aalo tame saach shu
te narne hajur-j jaann
te patto leedho savaa laakhno
te leedho tta(n)kashaall no jaann re............95

The True Guide says: Submit the tithe in a truthful manner and do it in the presence of the Imaam(or His representatives in Jamatkhana) only. You have obtained an agreement of 125000 by submitting the tithe and it is that of mint(hard bound and permanent).

satgur kahere: savaa laakh tyaa paamsho
ane jevaa(n) deedhaa hashe daan
jyaa nahee mallshe anpaannee ek teel
tyaa lesho dasho(n)d daan naa fall re...........96

The True Guide says: You will get 125,000(times the tithe amount) there and in accordance with the manner in which you submitted it. Where you will not get even a single grain of simsim seed's worth of food and water. It is there you will receive the fruits of the charity of the tithe.(Perhaps alluding to the fact that the benefits are non material)

satgur kahere: dharam daan gur mukh aaleeye
ane deeje dasho(n)d nu daan
gurgat hajur jo aalee-e
to saaheb pure man nee aash re.................111

The True Guide says: Submit religious charity in the presence of the Guide and submit it in the form of tithe. If you submit it in the presence of the Guide in the congregation, then the Lord will fulfil all the wishes of the heart(mind).

satgur kahere: daas hamaaraa te kahee-e
je dee-e dasho(n)d nu daan
te hoy gareeb koi eb chaddaave
to-e bhukhthee na bole vaann re................139

The True Guide says: Our servant is regarded as the one, who submits the charity of the tithe. If the person is poor and someone brings out a fault in him, even then he does not say anything inspite of starvation.

satgur kahere: dharam dasho(n)d detaa je puraa paddshe
te thaashe tolaatol
pachhe to gurnarne haath chhe
te tolyaanee shudh-j jaann re..................158

The True Guide says: Those who are perfect in their submission of the religious tithes, will have scales upon scales for weighing. Then it will all depend upon the Shaah Peer, who has the entire understanding of the weighing process.

satgur kahere: kaayaa naav keeje haree naam kee
maa(n)he bharee-e sat no bhaar
dasho(n)d sukareet gat aagall deejee-e
bhaai te satgur ke farmaan re..................195

The True Guide says: Construct the body of the boat by the name of the Lord and fill it with the load of truth. Submit the tithe and the good deeds in the presence of the congregation(in Jamaatkhana). Brother, do it through the farmaan of the True Guide.

satgur kahere: dasho(n)d e narne aalee-e
ane bolyaa bol-j paall
je dasho(n)d detaa kha(n)ddit karshe
to kyaa thakee paame amaaro deedaar re........234

The True Guide says: Submit the tithe to the Imaam and put into action whatever He tells you to do only(and nothing else). Whoever submits the tithe in a defective manner, how can he attain our Vision and Light?

satgur kahere: keeree-aa dharam dasho(n)d saachee aapee-e
te deejee-e aapanne haathe imaan
tenu muaa pachhee fall paamee-e
jo haathe deejee-e dasho(n)d nu daan re.......239

The True Guide says: Submit religious rituals and rightful tithe and submit them by your own hands with faith. You will attain the fruits thereof after death, if you submit the tithe by your own hands.

satgur kahere: haathe dharam dasho(n)d deeje saachsu
satgur bole tame saacho raakho veesvaas
peer shamsh kahe tene savaa laakh ghannero aapshu
te aapshu satgur saahebjee ke paas re.........240

The True Guide says: Submit the religious tithe truly. The True Guide says keep true conviction. Peer Shamsh says we will reward the submitter one hundred twenty five thousand times more and we will reward in presence of the True Guide and the Imaam.
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