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Moman maahaadan aavshe Saaheb leshe hisaab
Pir Imamshah – 11 verses RAAG: Lobh Savraathe

Eji Moman mahaadan aavshe,
Saaheb leshe hisaab;
Iyaa-naa kidhaa kartav puchh-she,
tyaare tolshe pun ne paap 1

O momins, the Great Day will arrive, the Lord will take account. He will question about your deeds performed in this life and at that time, will weigh the virtues and vices.

Eji Pun paap to tiyaan tol-she,
ane lekho saacho chhe tiyaan-ye;
SatGur sathe sudhaa chaaliye,
to jaal-she aapnni baay 2

He will balance the virtues and vices over there (hereafter) and indeed over there, is the true account. If you proceed with the True Guide in a proper manner, he will hold your arm.

Eji Iyaan baa(n) jaaliyaa-ni laaj chhe,
to aale vaikuntth vaas;
ekoter aagarr jai bes-she,
ane bes-she Saahebji-ne paas 3

Over here, the one whose arm has been held, is honoured and to this person he bestows paradise. This person will rise ahead of his/her seventy-one (generations) and will be seated and will be seated with the Imam.

Eji Vaikuntth maanhe ek virakh chhe,
tenne saghrri amraapuri chhaai;
tenu naam kalap virakh chhe,
tame sunno moman bhaai 4

In paradise there is one tree which is liked by the entire paradise. Its name is Kalap Virakh (tree of Kalap), listen o momin brothers.

Eji Tiyaan savaamann-nu aar bhogav-sho,
ane neaar nahi tiyaan hoy;
tiyaan sutaa-re betthaa koi nahi,
tiyaan jikar kare sab koi 5

There you will enjoy the delights of freedom and there will be no hunger. There, there no one is asleep or seated. There everyone is engaged in remembrance.

Eji Tiyaan sonaa-ni intte ghar chanaavyaa,
te maanhe channi chhe Kasturi-ni gaar;
tiyaan evaa te mohol saheb aal-she,
teni shobhaa-nu ant na paar 6

There he has built homes made of golden pillars and has spread upon them melt of musk. There he will bestow such palaces which have no limits of splendor.

Eji Maannak moti-ni daddiye kunvar khel-she,
sovan geddi tene haath;
Evaa paanch-so kunvar aanganne khelshe,
baavaa evo chhe vaikuntth vaas 7

A prince will play in the sea of jewels and pearls and will have a golden stick with him. Five hundred of such princes will play at the courtyard of the devotee. Brother such is the nature of paradise.

Eji Laakh maanhe ek lakh-pati,
ane sahestr maanhe ek sati jaann;
je iyaan SatPanth puro srev-se,
te tiyaan padvi paame nirvaann 8 [nirvaann: certainly]

Out of one hundred thousand there is one possessor of hundred thousands and out of thousand people, there is one true devotee. The one who will worship the True Path completely over here, will certainly attain a high station there (in the hereafter).

Eji Guneh-gaaro-ne tiyaan maar-she,
ane te paadd-she bahu shor;
tene haath-e pag-e ghaale beddiyun,
anni ubhaa raakhe jem chor 9

He will punish the sinners there (in the hereafter) and great suffering will befall upon them. Their hands and feet will be chained and they will be made to stand as thieves.

Eji Tiyaan jakh megh kinar dekh-she,
ane dekh-she paanch saat nav baar;
anant karoddi dev tiyaan dekh-she,
koi nahi kare teni saar 10

There the sinner will see the jakhs , meghs and kinars and will see the five seven nine and twelve. He will see the countless crores of spirits there. However, no one will be of assistance to him.

Eji Bhanne Pir Imaam Shaah sunno munivaro,
ane SatGur-e kahi saachi saankh;
sati loko SatPanth srev-jo,
tame jikar karo din ne raat 11

Pir Imam Shah teaches: listen o believers. The True Guide has foretold the true relation (with the hereafter). O devotees serve and worship the True Path and perform remembrance day and night.
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Kanyre moman bhaaire tame suvo re na chinta

Eji Kaany re moman bhaai tame sovore na chintaa,
jikar kartaan vilanb na kije 1

Why do you sleep and not have concern (for your souls). Do not procrastinate in remembrance.

Eji Moman ho-kar nachint sove,
so kem didaar Ali-naa jove 2

Being momins you are unconcerned and asleep. Then how will you experience the Deedar of Ali.

Eji Khaave pive aap muraadaa,
so jiv dojake jaavann-haaraa 3

The one who eats and drinks as he wishes, will go to hell.

Eji Mo ho maayaa kaarann fand-re kiaa,
gaafal thaa taankun dojak diaa 4

The ones who were addicted and attracted to this illusory existence, and hence as a result of negligence, were given the experience of hell.

Eji Bhanne Pir Sadardin tame sunno
moman bhaai,
aave Naklanki tame lio-re vadhaahi 5

Pir Sadardeen teaches: Listen o momin brothers. The Pure and Spotless One comes and hence obtain abundance.
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Taari aash karine huraan chal kar aavi re mardo

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Taari aash karine huraan chal kar aavi re mardo Pir Imamshah – 20 Verses [Page 120 in the Gujarati Book, index has: E Taari Aash Kari-ne]
RAAG: Tam-ku Sadhaare

Eji taari aash kari-ne huraa chal-kar aavi re marado
teni aashaa maanhe bhang kem paaddo
uttho nindraadd-vaa huraa aavi chhe aalvaa
tene didaar dije, tenu didaar lije
subhu hui-re chatur marado, suhi na rahiye 1

Having high hopes of (meeting with ) you, the angel has come having departed o heroes. Why do you frustrate it in its hopes? Wake up o sleepy ones, the houri has come to bestow (spiritual rewards). Show your countenance and experience the Vision. Be alert in the early hours of the morning o heroes, do not remain asleep.

Eji Ashtt pahor tamne kaljoog-naa sompiyaa-re marado
ek ghaddi tun amne na poto…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 2

You have been given 8 pohors (24 hours) per day in this age o heroes . Out these you have not been able to give us one moment! Wake up o sleepy ones...

Eji Taare-re kaam hun to jai-ne manddaavun re marado
jevaa hoy tevaa saachaa lakhaavu…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 3

I take along with me the account of your deeds o heroes. Accordingly, I record them truthfully. Wake up o sleepy ones...

Eji Saat-me sarag-thi hun chal-kar aavu-re marado
toye ninddraaru tun ninddraa maanhe suto…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 4

I have departed from the Seventh Heaven and have come to you, o heroes. Even then you sleepy ones have remained asleep! Wake up o sleepy ones...

Eji Ami-naa kanchorraa hun to bhar-kar laavu-re marado
aagal aavu taare koi na paavun…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 5

I have brought with me vessels of full of life-giving nectar o heroes. When I am present to meet you, I find no one! Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Fokatt feraa-re amne sid-ne feraavo-re marado
kaayar hoi-ne kem gamaavo…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 6

Why do you show us your futile cycles o heroes. Remaining cowardly, why do you lose (the spiritual benefits)? Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Sahu-e mali-ne amne sat-sun sompiyo-re marado
te sat keraa kol tame kaain-re feraavo…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 7

Everyone having met, has given me the (auth for salvation) truthfully , o heroes. Why do you then, repeal the promise given sincerely? Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Rakhe kaain thaay amaaraa cheraa-re mar ado
eh chh ghaddi chhe Noor-ni verraa…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 8

Lest you consider it to be only a jest o heroes, the last six ghadis (2 hours) of the night are for enlightenment. Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Aaj kaljoog madhe cheti-ne sui-e-re marado
aashaa dije teni aashaa puri kije…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 9

Today in the present age, be alert when you go to sleep o heroes. Express your hope (for enlightenment) and at the same time fulfil the hope (of the houri). Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Amne tamne merraa bahest keraa-re marado
tame kaain feraavo fokatt feraa…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 10

The gathering of paradise has been reserved for us o heroes. Then why do you get into cycles? Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Dev duaare madhraat-naa merraa-re marado
tame kaain karo chho duniyaa-naa merraa…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 11

In the abode of spirits, a festive gathering takes place after midnight o heroes. Then why do you have worldly gatherings? Wake up o sleepy ones.

Eji Te verraa-e amne niraash varro chho-re marado
fari hun aavun subhu-no fero…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 12

At those times you create despair in us, o heroes. I come to you repeatedly every early morning. Wake up o sleepy ones.....

Eji Hasti ne ramti hun to sarag-thi aavu-re marado
aagarr aavun tyaare kaain na paavun…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 13

I come laughing and in a playful manner from the heavens, o heroes. When I arrive, I attain nothing! Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Konn evaa-re tamne gotthiddaa maliyaa-re marado
je am huraa ane sarag-thi ttarriyo…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 14

Who are the lost ones whom you have met o heroes? The ones who have led you away from the angels and heaven. Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Sarkhaa sarkhi maanhe amne hoyshe hasrat-re marado
evaa abuj-no paalav jaaliyo…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 15

In the gathering of the equals, we will be overcome by grief o heroes, if you cling to such ignoramus ones. Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Sarag-thi ami-naa kancholaa bhar-kar laavun-re marado paachhaa vaarro taare ghaas maanhe ddhorrun…. uttho nindraadd-vaa16

I come from the heavens with vessels filled with holy nectar, o heroes. And when I return, I spill it on grass! Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Sarve savaad hiras-ne melo-re marado
to aavi am huraa-ne bolaavo…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 17

Abandon the taste of all the worldly pleasures o heroes. Then come and call upon us - your angels. Wake up o sleepy ones.....

Eji Sachaa maarag enni pere paai-ye-re marado
jo chaar vakhat tame aap kamaavo…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 18

You will obtain the true station in this manner o heroes. If you earn for yourselves during the 4 time periods. Wake up o sleepy ones....

Eji Subhu bapor saanj-ni verraa-re marado
khadr madhraat-e munivar-naa merraa…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 19

In the morning, afternoon and in the evening o heroes. And at exact midnight there will be a festive gathering of believers. Wake up o sleepy ones.....

Eji Bhanne Indr Imaamdin bolyaa chhe amrat vaanni-re marado
Huraa-ni vaat tame saachi kari maano…. uttho nindraadd-vaa 20

Indr Imam Shah teaches and has spoken the life-giving words of nectar o heroes. Consider the words of the angels as true. Wake up o sleepy ones.....
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E viraa parab srevo, nit lonni-ne lije

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E viraa parab srevo, nit lonni-ne lije Pir Hasan Kabirdin –
22 Verses RAAG: E Viraa Parab Srevo

E viraa parab srevo,
nit lonni-ne lije 1

O brother! Worship the Ocean (Imam) and be in search (of the truth) every day.

E viraa kandh dharoji,
jem uddi-ne rahiye 2

O brother! Hold his shoulder, as if you were flying

E viraa ginaan-sun bandh karo ji,
nath toddi na jai-ye 3

O brother! By the means of (the wisdom of) Ginans bind yourself to him, so that the nose should not be broken (by falling down).

E viraa paatr pichaann karo ji,
kar joddi-ne rahiye 4

O brother! Recognize the Imam and remain hands folded.

E viraa rup ma raacho gemaar,
gunn lonni-ne lahiye 5

O momins! Never be engrossed in the (material) form. Seek out the virtues and practise them.

E viraa rup pichaann karo ji,
fal vinni-ne lije 6

O momins! Realize the (true nature of) the (material) form (as illusory) and obtain the fruits in a selective manner.

E Saami aap naddelaa,
page laagi manaavo 7

This lord himself is elusive, hence falling at his feet seek to please him.

E neh raakho Saahebji-sun,
Shaah-ne lekhe lakhaavo 8

Retain the love of the Imam constantly and be accountable to the Lord.

E lekhaa lakhaavo ji,
mat paddo ku-lekhe 9

Always stay accountable for your actions. Never fall into an unaccountable state.

E Saaheb aap-e man ghaddelaa,
Saaheb aape veshe 10

The Imam himself creates according to his will, and indeed the Imam in his present form.

E murakh shak dhare ji,
kahe vast meri meri 11

The foolish one entertains doubt about it and says all this is mine only.

So na hove teri addelaa,
vast Saaheb keri 12

O you, nothing is yours, everything belongs to the Imam.

Esaa vakhat teri addelaa,
jo apnnaa Gur mukhe dije 13

Only those moments can be considered yours, if submitted to the will of your Guide or after having submitted Dasond.

Hay koi eso praanni ji,
jo e maannak raakhe 14

Is there anyone who will keep these gems?

E chor-e chori banaai,
rakhvaarr na mange 15

This thief decided to steal and did not fear the guard.

So kaarro maarag baniyo ji,
gatt ujadd bettho 16

So, a black deer was created and his heart became deserted.

Hay koi eso praanni ji,
je man mirag-kun maare [mirag: deer] 17

Is there anyone who will kill the deer of the heart?

Koy keri dhanak liyo ji,
kaay-ke panch baann 18

What type of bow will you take and what type of arrow?

Sat keri dhanak liyo ji,
aapnne Pir farmaai 19

Take the bow of truth. This is commanded by your Pir.

Maare mirag sahi ji,
nav khandde jannaayaa 20

The one who killed the deer properly became well known in the nine realms.

Ttok-te hans chaliyo ji,
jem kamal vikaasyaa 21

The soul departed to its destination just as the lotus bursting into bloom.

E Jampudip muneri,
Pir Hasan Shaah ginaan sunnaayaa 22

It has been publicly proclaimed in the Sub-continent, as Pir Hasan Shah has announced this Ginan.
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Pir Imaam Shaah ginaan-j boliyaa tame sunno munivar

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Pir Imaam Shaah ginaan-j boliyaa tame sunno munivar Pir Imamshah – 12 Verses RAAG: Lobh Savaraath-e

Eji Pir Imaam Shaah ginaan-j boliyaa,
tame sunno munivar bhaai,
pargatt ttaanne jo aavi milo,
to saachi tamaari kamaai 1

Pir Imam Shah has uttered only the Ginan - Divine knowledge and wisdom. You listen o Momin brothers. If you come and meet at the time of appearance, then indeed your earnings will be considered true.

Eji Pargatt taannu te kahi-e,
jaare ghatt-paatt ni verraa hoy;
tetris karoddi dev aavi mile,
tiyaan Saaheb aash pure sohi 2

The time of appearance is that of Ghatpaat ceremony. Thirty-three crores of Divine spirits come and gather there. There the Master indeed fulfills all wishes.

Eji Jakh megh kinar aavi mile,
ane aave te kalapu-naa karodd;
te verraa-e jo aavsho,
to thaasho teo-ni jodd 3

The Jakhs, Meghs, Kinars come and meet. And crores of liberated spirits of the Kalap era come. If you come at that time, you will join them.

Eji Saache imaan-e je koi aavshe,
ane saachaa munivar sohi;
tenaa ekoter sarage sadhaar-she,
teni raahaa na roke koi 4

The ones who come with true Iman, are indeed to be considered true believers. They will take along with them their seventy-one generations to heaven. No one will obstruct their path.

Eji Lok lajaa nav kiji-e,
ane laaje te vannas-she kaaj;
sagaa kuttum beni bandhavaa,
nahi koi aave jivddaa-ni saath 5

Do not be ashamed of others, and the ones who are ashamed, will have rendered their deeds futile. Relatives, family brothers and sisters, no one will come along with your soul.

Eji Sir saattaa jo kiji-e,
to savaa laakh mul ghannero thaay;
Harischandr jevaa farr paami-e,
bhaai tethi ad-keraa likhaay 6

If you engage yourself in the bargaining of the head, then you will attain great reward worth hundred twenty-five lakhs times in return. You will attain the fruits as those attained by Harishchandra. Brother through them more (of your good deeds) will be recorded.

Eji Sansaar sukh ek til chhe,
tame lobhe ma bhuli jaao;
haathe hiro aaviyo tame haarsho,
to aagal kyaan thaki paao 7

The worldly happiness is worth only one sesame seed. In your greed, do not forget this. Otherwise, you will lose the diamond which has come into your hands. Then ahead, how will you attain anything?

Eji Evaa ved sunno tame saach-sun,
khari dasond dejo tame aaj;
GurNar joog maanhe aaviyaa,
muman bhaaio-naa karvaa kaaj 8

Listen to such scriptures properly. Submit proper Dasond today. The Gurnar has come into this age, to fulfill the deeds of believer brothers.

Eji Chetann-haaraa tame chet-jo,
ane verraa te vahi vahi jaay;
haathe farr aaviyo tame raakh-jo,
bhaai fari farr na paay 9

Take heed o the vigilant ones as time passes away rapidly. Preserve the fruits that have come into your hands. Brothers, you will not attain the fruits again.

Eji Trann joog gayaa tamne ddhunddh-taa,
ane haji na laadho chheh;
athar ved-ne vaayake je chaalshe,
to niveddaa thaashe aanni deh 10

Three eras have gone by in search and still you have not found the (the cause of the) breach of trust. If one proceeds according to the teachings of the Farmans , then the body of such a person will attain peace and fulfilment.

Eji Trann joog-naa trann torann baandhe-aa,
ane chothe te pargatt hoy;
kaljoog maanhe din jagaadd-she,
Ali Mahamad vinaa dujaa nahi koi 11

Three gateways (for salvation) were constructed for the past three eras. And for the fourth era, it has been manifest. In the present age, religion will be promulgated and there is no one except Ali and Muhammed (for salvation).

Eji Bhanne Pir Imaam Shaah munivaro,
tame ved vichaari-ne joy;
bhom bhanddaar jo kiji-e,
to vaaso amraapuri ho-e 12

Pir Imam Shah teaches the Momins: observe after reflecting upon the scriptures. If you create a treasury of earth (through virtue), then your existence will become paradise.
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Aad Gur Bhirmaa Noor Satgur naam, janpudeep maan gure keedho mukaam... 1

The name of the Primal Divine Guide is Nur Satgur, who made his abode in India.

Setar-dip delam des ho jaann, teeaan Noor Satgur betthaa ho aann... ... ... ... ... .2

Know that there is a country in the land of the West called Dailam. It was there that Nur Satgur dwelt.

Delam des-thi Pir-e(n) kiaa ho aann, tiaan aaveaa nagari bhiladdi ho jaann... ...3

From the land of Dailam came the Peer. He came to the city of the Bheels.

Bhiladdi nagari-thi tarat aaveaa ho Dev, taare hindusataan maanhe aaveaa tat khev... ... .... ... ... .4

From the city of the Bhils the divine Lord quickly proceeded. Then he entered Hindustan.

Khandd gujaraat jaanno aann, maanhe paattann nagari ut-tam jaann... ... ... ... 5

You know of the realm of Gujarat, in which the city of Patan is supreme.

Tiaan raaj kare Jesang ho raae, tiaan pun pavitr dharam-j thaae... ... ... ... ... ... .6

There King Jai Singh ruled. Good deeds and pure righteousness only prevailed there.

Sat-dharam tanni pireet kare apaar, maahaa gunnavantaa aaveaa dayaal... ... ..7

They had boundless love for the true faith. Then the most virtuous and merciful lord came there.

Taare raajaae deraa kholaaveaa duaar, ubho rahe pujaaro tenne tthaar... ... ... ..8

The king ordered the gates of the temple to be opened. A priest used to stay standing in that place.

Tiaan Dev-ki pujaa pujaaro re kare, tiaan Noor Satgur aavi sanchare... ... ... ... ..9

There, as the priest was worshipping the god, Nur Satgur came and approached.

Taare deraa maanhe Pir betthaa ho jaae, eesavar ni pinddi upar meleaa ho paay. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..10

Then the Pir sat down in the temple, and put his feet on the statue of Shiva.

Taare pujaaro aaveo tenne re tthaam, jue to deraa maanhe Pir-e kidho mukaam.. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 11

The priest then came to that place. He looked and saw that the Peer had made his abode in the temple.

Taare musalamaa-ni tiaan dittho roop, ehevo Gur-e kidho saroop... ... ... ... ... ...12

Then he saw that he had the appearance of a Muslim, for this was the form which the Guide had adopted.

Taare ubho pujaaro Gur ke paas, sunno ho Saaheb hamaari aradaas... ... ... ... .13

The priest stood beside the Guide. 'Listen, Sir, to my request.'

Pujaaro kahe dev nee murat upar kem raakheo paa(n)e, e murat puje chhe Jesang raae... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...14

The priest said: 'How can you place your feet on the image of the god? This image is worshipped by King Jai Singh.'

Taare Noor Satgur boleaa vikhiyaat, sunno pujaaraa hamaari vaat... ... ... ... ...15

Then Nur Satgur uttered these well-known words: 'Listen, priest, to what I have to say.

Jo e dev tamaaraa hove sahi, to tam saathe kaa(n)e ku(n) bole nahi... ... ... ... ...16

'If these gods of yours are real, why do they not speak to you?'

Taare pujaare Pir sun vaat-j kahee, e pathar-ki murat Pir bole nahi... ... ... ... ..17

Then this is what the priest said to the Pir: "These images are of stone, O Pir, and so they do not speak.'

Parabat-naa je aanneaa pakhaann, ghaddi putalaa ne maanddeaa manddaann18

'Stones were brought form the mountains, then the idols were fashioned and set in place.'

Maannase ghaddeaa putalaa ne maanddeaa manddaann, te kem Pir bole ho jaann... ... ... ... ... ... .19

'Men fashioned the idols and set them in place. So how, O Pir, can they speak?'

Noor Satgur pujaare sun vaat-j kahi, ke hamaare hukam sun e bole sahi... ... ..20

Then this is what Nur Satgur said to the priest: 'At my command they will surely speak.'

Taare Noor Satgur vaanchaa ochare, te naache putalaa ne nirataj kare... ... ... .21

Then Nur Satgur uttered the words. The idols danced and gambolled about.

Vaajintr vaaje bahu chitraamann tannaa, vajaavaa laagaa Pir-ke pharamaan-e ghannaa... ... ... ... ... 22

Instruments of many kinds played. Many of them began to play at the command of the Pir.

Vaaje vaajaa pathar tannaa, taadd maddadang anti ghannaa... ... ... ... ... ... ... 23

Stone instruments played, with many cymbals and drums.

Venn vaansali vaaje bahu buland, tiaan deval maanhe bahu huo aanand... ... ..24

Many flutes and pipes played loudly. There was much merry-making in the temple.

Tab pujaaro laago Pir-ke paa(n)e, pachhe raajaa paase doddeo jaae... ... ... ... ... ..5

Then the priest fell at the Pir's feet. Afterwards he went and ran to the King.

Jai pujaare raajaa-sun bhed-j kahyo, aaj deval maanhe achrat bhayo... ... ... ... .26

The priest told the King that something strange happened at the temple today.

Juo marad ek aavyo tenne tthaanye, te deval maanhe bettho ho raay... ... ... ... 27

A man came to the temple and took residence o king.

Musalmaani roop kahyo nav jaay, tene sarve dev laage chhe paay... ... ... ... ... ..28

He looks like a Muslim and all the gods fell to his feet.

Pathar-ki murat nachaave tatkhannaa, pathar-naa vaajaa vaaje attire ghannaa... ... ... ... ... 29

He made the stone idols dance and stone musical instruments played at his command.

Jejekaar deval maanhe thaay, pathar ki murti naache ho raay... ... ... ... ... ... ...30

The stone idols danced and there was jubilation at the temple.

E Vachan sunni raajaa-ne harkh-j bhayo, Jaanipaa jogi-kun bolaavi liyo... ... ...31

The king felt happiness at hearing this, and called for a jogi named Jaanipaa.

Jaanipaa jogi maanhe bahu karaamat, tethi raajaa-e tene lidhore saath... ... ... 32

The king took Jaanipaa with him because Jaanipaa was a master of miracles.

Taare raajaa-e potaanaa gur-sun kahyo, aaj deval maanhe achrat bhayo... ... ...33

Then the king told his guru: today there was a wonderous event at the temple.

Ek achrat vaat pujaare kahi, taare raajaa man maanhe samjiyaa sahi... ... ... ...34

The priest related an amazing event. Then the king understood it in his mind properly.

Taare saghrri sabhaa-sun raajaa gayaa, te deval maanhe jaaine ubhaa rahyaa35

Then the king went to the entire gathering. He went to the temple and stood there.

Jaare deval maanhe aaviyo raay, aavi Pir-ne laagore paay... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..36

When the king arrived at the temple, he fell at the feet of the Pir.

Raajaa-e man-maanhe karyo vichaar, e chhe tribhovan-ko Sirjannhaar... ... ... .37

The king reflected in his mind. This one is the creator of the three realms.

Taare raajaa chaali gayaa deval maanhe, jaai Pir-ne laagore paay... ... ... ... ... .38

Then the king departed to the temple. Having gone there, fell at the feet of the Pir.

Taare raajaa-ke mustak Pir-e didhore haath, taare Noor Satgur kahe chhe vaat ... ... ... ... 39

Then the Pir laid his hand upon the head of the king. Then Noor Satgur related a matter.

Haare sunno raajaa tamaaraare dev, pann tam-sun kaa(n)ye na bolere bhev... 40

Listen o king to your God, but he will not speak to you about anything!

Taare raajaa-e Pir-sun vaat-j kahi, pathar-ki murat Pir bolere nahi... ... ... ... ...41

Then the king told the Pir that idols made of stone cannot speak.

Taare Pir-e vaat raaj-sun kahi, pann hamaare hukamse e bole sahi... ... ... ... ...42

Then the Pir told the king: They will indeed speak by my command!

E gannes murat pathar-ki aaye, Noor Satgur bolaavyo sat-j bhaaye... ... ... ... ...43

Noor Satgur called the idol Ganesh through true affection.

Jaaore gannes paanni bhar laay, haath mukh dhove saari sabhaay... ... ... ... ... 44

Go to fetch water so that the entire gathering can wash their hands and faces.

Taare gannes utthi ubhore thaay, Pir-ne jaai-ne laago-re paay... ... ... ... ... ... ... 45

Then Ganesh got up standing and went to the Pir and fell at his feet.

Gannes lidhi chhaagar Pir-ne paay, pachhe to paanni bharneku jaay... ... ... ... .46

Ganesh took the jug besides the feet of the Pir and then went to fill it with water.

Je motto tarraav hato paattann maanhe, bharpur paanni bharyore taanhi... ... 47

There was a big lake at Patan and it was full of water.

Te tarraav tanno paanni-re jaann, te sarve chhaagar maanhe bharyo pramaann...... ... ... ... ... ..48

He filled the jug with the entire water of the lake !

Taare khaali tarraav huvore nisaar, taare gannes paanni laavyo Pir-ke paas... 49

Then the empty lake became dispersed. Then Ganesh brought water to the Pir.

Taare haath mukh Pir dhuvere jaan, taare gannes paanni namere jaann... ... ..50

Then the Pir washes his hands and face while Ganesh distributes the water.

Taare nagar maanhe paddire pukaar, taare magarmacchh tarfadde apaar... ... 51

Then shouting and crying took place in the city. The fish writhe endlessly for survival.

Sarve lok Fariyaad lai raajaa paas gayaa, raajaa tarraav sarve khaalire bhayaa.... ... ... ... ... ...52

Everyone took their complaint and went to the king. O king the lake has become empty!

Magarmacchh tarfadde apaar, paanni-ki nagar maanhe paddire pukaar... ... ...53

The fish writhe endlessly for life and there was crying and shouting in the city.

Taare Noor Satgur-e vaat murat-sun kahi thoddo paanni tarraav maanhe naakhi aavo jai...... ... ... ..54

Then the Pir asked the idol to go and drop some water into the lake.

Taare gannes ki murat Pir-ne laage paay, te chhaagar lai-ne tarraave jaay... ...55

Then the idol of Ganesh fell at the feet of the Pir and took the jug went to the lake.

Taare lai chhaagar naami aay, taare tarraav paanni bharaanno jaay... ... ... ... .56

Then he took the jug having taken the name, then the lake became full

Tab tiyaan Jaanipaa jogi shun kare, dandd aanni-ne sabhaa maanhe dhare... ..57

Then what could Jaanipa Jogi do? He came with his wand in the gathering.

Taare uddaaviyo dandd gayo aakaash, tab jogi-e vachan kahyo parkaash... ... ..58

He then caused the wand to fly into the skies. Then the Jog ordered.

E dandd tamo mangaavo aann, to tame Pir mottaare jaann... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .59

Get the wand back, then I will consider you as a great Pir.

Taare Noor Satgur-e raakhire dhir, pagnaa mojddi-kun farmaaviyo Pir... ... ... .60

Then the Pir exercised patience, and commanded the sandal of his foot.
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Ahunkaar madhe dhiyaan dharine

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Ahunkaar madhe dhiyaan dharine

bgh6-061 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 5

Ahunkaar madhe dhiaan dharine
dhandhukaar rachaayaa ji;
dhiaan maathi jog jo sarjiyaa,
jog maathi nipani kaayaa .... ...
jugesar jog ni jugati aneri ji 1

In the state of aloneness, and through focused attention and contemplation, He brought into existence the Void. In the contemplative mode he created the Path. From the Path the illusion was established. O aspirant! The ways of the Path are mysterious.

Aad jugesar jogi upanaa,
ane jogi thi upani maayaa ji;
aade thi upanaa te ante samaayaa,
te dharase nuraani kaayaa - jugesar 2

The Primal Sage and Aspirant were established. And from the Sage, the illusion was brought forth. That which was established in beginning will be present in the end, and it will have a Divine body. O aspirant! The ways of the Path are mysterious.

Trann murat aad jog maanhe sarji,
tiyaa shakti-e sarji maayaa ji;
tiyaan jogi hataa te dhiaaan maa rahiaa,
tiyaan jogie jog kamaayaa - jugesar 3

Three auspicious periods were created in the Path. There through power, the illusion was created. There the Sage was present and remained in a contemplative mode. There the Sage earned the Path. O aspirant! The ways of the Path are mysterious.

Dhiaan madhe sarve maayaa jo sirji,
ane maayaa maanhe jog samaayaa ji;
kaayaa ne maayaa behu jugal jo sarjiyaa,
taare jugalmaa jog nipaayaa - jugesar 4

In the contemplative mode, the entire illusion was created, and in the illusion the Path was contained. The body and the illusion where created together as a couple. Then in this couple the Path was created. O aspirant! The ways of the Path are mysterious.

Pratham jogi dhiaan maa bethaa,
ane nirinjan rahiyaa ekilaa ji;
bhanne Indra Imaam Shaah jog kamaayaa,
te aad nirinjan-naa chelaa - jugesar 5

At first the Sage was seated in contemplation and the Unknowable remained alone. Thus teaches Indra Imam Shah who has earned the Path and who is the disciple of the Unknowable (Niranjan). O aspirant! The ways of the Path are mysterious.
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Utam-j thaasho to tame alakh ne aaradho

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Author: Pir Indra Imaamdin
bhg2-060 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 4

Eji Utamaj thaao to tame alakh-ne aaraadho ji,
tore fal paamo viraa bhaai paamo dev moraar ... ...
tame jaago maaraa jivddaa tame
cheto maaraa praanni,
sati jivne kaaranne dhan dhan
raiaann viaanni 1

If you desire to be only the best then adore the Indescribable. Then you will attain the fruits, o valiant brothers, you will attain God. O my souls, remain awake, be vigilant o my living ones. For the saintly souls the Night has become blessed with splendor and enlightenment.

Eji Khottaa naannaa jutthaa naannaa tame
dur chukaavo,
kharaa naannaa ruddaa naannaa
lei maannak vannjo - tame jaago 2

Keep away from false and fake money. With genuine and true money, trade in pearls. O my souls, remain awake, be vigilant o my living ones. For the saintly souls the Night has become blessed with splendor and enlightenment.

Eji Ra(n)ge cha(n)ge viraa bhaai huire bhalaai,
sukhere sanpate viraa bhaai
raiaann viaanni - jaago maaraa 3

In a colorful and pure manner, o valiant brothers you will experience goodness. In peace and wealth o valiant brothers, your Night will be splendid. O my souls, remain awake, be vigilant o my living ones. For the saintly souls the Night has become blessed with splendor and enlightenment

Eji Bhanne Pir Indra Imaamdin saaheb
bhest dikhalaayaa,
bhest maae bhamar palang upar saaheb
sej vichhaayaa;
tame jaago maaraa jivdaa tame cheto
maaraa praanni,
saati jivne kaaranne dhan dhan
raiann viaanni 4

Indhra Imam Shah teaches that the Imam has shown him paradise. In paradise the Imam is seated comfortably upon a bedstead . O my souls, remain awake, be vigilant o my living ones. For the saintly souls the Night has become blessed with splendor and enlightenment
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Ye to Shaah saras Guru apnaa

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Miraa(n) Mehedi
Source: bhg2-095 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 10

Ye to Shaah saras Guru apnaa,
Gur-sun puchhi puchhi karanni kamaavo ... ...
Saaheb ji ne yaad karo 1

The Imam is indeed your very pleasant Guide. Earn rewarding deeds by constantly asking him. Remember Hazar Imam 1

Viraa paachham dis-sun dal chaal se,
melo janpu dipme laavo - saaheb ji ne 2

O valiant ones, the army will move from the west. Have a festive gathering in the Indian Subcontinent. Remember Hazar Imam 2

Siri Mehedi takhate bes-se,
sagalaa munivar naa mel milaavo - saaheb ji ne 3

Sri Mehdi will seat upon the throne. Have a festive gathering of all the momins (believers) . Remember Hazar Imam 3

Viraa Azraail jab aav se,
taaraa jivaddaa-ne karere kabaj - saaheb ji ne 4

O valiant ones, when Azrail (angel of death) comes, he will seize your souls. Remember Hazar Imam 4

Taari kaayaa no kott dhasaav se,
taaro bhavar rayo kumalaae - saaheb ji ne 5

He will demolish the fort of your body. Your head will remain rotten. Remember Hazar Imam 5

Taari kaayaa no hans bichhaddo paaddse,
taaro hans chhe chaalan-haar - saaheb ji ne 6

The soul of your bodies will separate. Your souls will depart. Remember Hazar Imam 6

Taaro kuttumb parivaar voraav se,
behu sang chhe chaalan-haar - saaheb ji ne 7

Your family relations will bury you. Both companions will leave you. Remember Hazar Imam 7

Taaraa vastaa jo jopaddaa ujaadd se,
lai melse ujadd vaas - saaheb ji ne 8

The angel will demolish your inhabited dwellings. He will take them and leave them in a deserted place. Remember Hazar Imam 8.

Taaraa sarag sun baandheaa jopaddaa,
Kal-jug maanhe karo adhavaar - saaheb ji ne 9

He has fashioned for you dwellings in the heavens, Proceed with caution in the present age. Remember Hazar Imam 9

Miraa(n) Mehedi-ej boleaa,
munivar ginaan levo re vichaar - saaheb ji ne 10

Miraa Mehedi has thus spoken. Contemplate and reflect upon the Ginans. Remember Hazar Imam 10
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Viraa maaraa bhaaiji, aa sansaaar sapnu tar

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Viraa maaraa bhaaiji, aa sansaaar sapnu tar

Author: Pir Indra Imaamdin
Source: bhg3-060 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 5

Viraa maaraa bhaai ji,
Aa sansaar sapnutar kari jaann jo,
rahejo apnaa Gur Nar ne paas,
jiyaan thaki didaar paamso;
raheso lilundde avaas ... ...
sambharo rikhisaro Gur kahe
Nar Naaraayann iyun kahiyaa 1

O my valiant brethren, regard this world as a dream. Stay in the presence of the GurNar (Hazar Imam), thereby you will attain the Deedar (Spiritual Vision) and you will live in the ever fresh abode. Listen 0 believers, the Guide says: The Divine Master has said thus.

Viraa maaraa bhaai ji,
Aa Guru ji naa kahiyaa jo nav kijiye,
to aavaa sat dharam na aave haath;
fari fari ne pastaaysho.
paddaso lakh choraasi maanhe - saambharo 2

O my valiant brethren, if you do not act according to the guidance of this Guide, then such a True Religion will not come to you.You will regret having gone through cycles. and you will fall into 84 lakhs (cycles of rebirth). Listen 0 believers, the Guide says: The Divine Master has said thus.

Aa duniyaa ni gaflaayet mat bhuljo,
enni gaflaayet hoysho halaakh;
ek til sukh kere kaaranne,
aagal hoysho halaakh - saambharo 3

O my valiant brethren, do not forget in the negligence of this world. Through such negligence you will be destroyed (spiritually). Due to momentary pleasures of this world, you will be destroyed ahead. Listen 0 believers, the Guide says: The Divine Master has said thus.

Viraa maaraa bhaai ji,
Antkaale taaro koy nahi,
nahi tiyaa maay na baap;
nahi tiyaan chhorun na vaachharu;
nahi koy kuttumb parivaar - saambharo 4

O my valiant brethren, in the final moment, nobody will be yours, your mother and your father will not be there, your sons and daughters will not be there and no family relations as well. Listen 0 believers, the Guide says: The Divine Master has said thus.

Viraa maaraa bhaai ji,
Pir Indra Imaamdin em boliyaa,
moman bhaai tame rahejo hushiyaar;
Gur Nar tamaaro beli thaayshe,
deshe bahesht didaar - saambharo 5

O my valiant brethren, Pir Indra Imamdin has thus said: O my momin brethren, remain alert and intelligent. The Gurnar (Hazar Imam) will be your helper and he will bestow paradise and Deedar. Listen 0 believers, the Guide says: The Divine Master has said thus.
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Ke tame amiras pijo din ne raat (garbi 05)

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Ke tame amiras pijo din ne raat ke,
Nur nuraaniyaare lol. 1

By day and night drink the life-giving nectar, which is full of light.

To paap praachhat sarve jaae
Ke chitnaa chokhlaare lol. 2

Then all sins will go away, and the heart will be purified.

E to aagamvaanni su(n)jo joi
Ke man maa(n)he maa(n)jo re lol. 3

Listen to this prediction and accept (it) with heart and soul.

Tame ginaan vichaari chaalo vir,
Ke nahi(n)kaa nokhlaare lol. 4

O valiant one! Contemplate upon the Ginan and behave accordingly, as otherwise you will be left out.

Jenne ginaan nahi(n) sunniyaa kaan,
Ke te bhulaa paddyaare lol. 5

Whoever did not listen to the Ginan with their ears went astray.

Tame maankhaa janam kaa(n) khovo haath,
Ke fari nahi aavshe re lol. 6

Why do you waste your human life? It will not return.

Tame dhiyaavo dharam aachar,
Ke adharmi bhuliyaare lol. 7

Perform religious deeds, for the faith-less went astray.

E to kartav aachhaa kije saar,
Ke to vaiku(n)tth paamshore lol. 8

Perform good and pure deeds so that you will attain the eternal abode.

Tame satni jaanno sudhi vaat,
Ke asati otaddiyaare lol. 9

Understand the straight path of truth, for the untruthful went astray.

Jenne jaanniyaa serve ma'am,
Te fal paamiyaare lol. 10

Whoever understood all the mysteries attained the fruits.

Tame kaane su(n)jo aavaa ginaan,
Ke laal amuliyaare lol. 11

With (your) ears listen to such Ginans which are priceless pearls.

Ke tame rakhe bhulo vaaro vaar,
Ke chetine chaaljore lol. 12

Lest you forget repeatedly, live cautiously.

Tame ramjo satne sangaat,
Ke chit chokhaa karine lol. 13

Having cleansed your hearts, frolic in the company of the truth.

Tame kudd kapattne karjo dur,
Ke to fal paamshore lol. 14

Keep away from falsehood and deceit so that you attain the fruits.

Tame aachhi kiriyaa karjo star,
Ke radiyaa maa(n)he bhaav dharire lol. 15

With love and devotion in your hearts, perform clean and pure deeds.

Sat sa(n)gat tame karjo saachi reet,
Ke dharam sat raakhjore lol. 16

In the company of virtuous ones perform proper behavior and thus maintain the veracity of religion.

Sahi sirevo tame satgur nur,
Ke nar Kaasam shaahne karire lol. 17

Truly obey the True Guide, the Light, who is Imam Qasim Shah.

Em boliyaa chhe gur Shams Pir,
Ke to fall paamshore lol. 18

The Spiritual Guide Pir Shams says: Thus you will attain the fruits.

Another translation:

ke tame ameeras peejo deen ne raat ke, nur nuraaneeyaare lol......1

Drink of the water of life ("ameeras"-the "geenaans") all day and night,
thereby you may be enlightened by the Light.

to paap praashchit sarave jaay ke, cheet naa chokhlaare lol.......2

Then all the sins and dirt will go away and
your consciousness will be pure and spotless.

e to aagam vaannee sunnjo joi ke, man maa(n)he maanjo re lol......3

Listen to these verses ahead and reflect about them,
and follow them in your hearts (minds).

tame geenaan veechaaree chaalo veer ke, naheekaa(n) nokhlaare lol.4

O dear ones, conduct yourselves after reflecting upon the "geenaans",
or else you will remain separate from the Light.

jenne geenaan nahee sunneeyaa kaan ke, te bhulaa paddeeyaare lol..5

The ones who have not listened to the "geenaans" by their ears,
have indeed gotten lost.

tame maankho janam kaa(n) khovo haath ke
faree nahee aavshe re lol.........................................6

Why do you lose this (precious) human birth from your hands?
You will not have this opportunity again.

tame dhyaavo dharam aachaar ke, adharmee bhuleeyaare lol..........7

Adore and follow the religious action (right conduct and the prescribed
rites and rituals); the irreligious ones have indeed gotten lost.

e to karatav aachhaa keeje saar ke, to vaiku(n)tth paamshore lol..8

Perform good deeds in a perfect manner (with pure intentions),
then you will attain paradise.

tame satnee jaanno sudhee vaatt ke, asatee utareeyaa re lol.......9

Understand or realise the pure path of the truth,
the one from which the false ones have gone away.

jenne jaanneeyaa sarave maram, te fal paameeyaare lol............10

The ones who have understood the entire substance or
mysteries have indeed attained the fruits.

tame kaane sunn jo aavaa geenaan ke, laal amolee-aa re lol.......11

Listen to such "geenaans" which are as precious as rubies.

ke tame rakhe bhulo vaarovaar ke, cheteene chaaljo re lol........12

Lest you forget from time to time, conduct yourselves vigilantly.

tame ramjo satne sa(n)gaath ke, cheet chokhaa karee re lol.......13

Dance or play in the company of the Truth,
thereby keep your consciousness pure and spotless.

tame kudd kapattne karjo dur ke, fal paamshore lol...............14

Keep deceit and evil away from you,
thereby you may attain the fruits.

tame aachhee keereeyaa karjo saar ke,
rade-aa maa(n)he bhaav dharee-ere lol............................15

Perform the pure rites and ceremonies in a perfect manner
(with correct intentions), thereby cultivate or maintain love
and devotion in your hearts.

satsa(n)g karjo saachee reet ke, dharam sat raakhjore lol........16

Have gatherings of the Truth in a true manner
(with correct spirit and intentions)
and maintain the True Religion.

sahee sevo tame satgur nur ke, nar kaasam shaah kareene re lol...17

Serve the Light of the True Guide in a true manner,
Him being the Master Kassam Shaah (the Imaam of the time).

em boleeyaa gur shams peer ke, fal paamshore lol.................18

In this manner the Guide Peer Shams has said:
you will attain the fruits (if you follow the above).
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Divdaa batiyun jyun tel samaannaa

Post by kmaherali »

Author: Pir Sadardin
Source: bhg5-074 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
verses: 18

Eji Divadda batiji jiyun tel samannaa 1

The lamp of light wherein is oil (flowing in the wick providing the essential fuel)

Vaanko rupji, tame kaanhere lobhaannaa 2

Why are you so fond of the luminous aspect of it?

Sansaar sapanu ji, kuch kaam na aave 3

This world is like a dream which will be of no use (in the hereafter).

Aakhar jaataaji, tame sarve pastaave 4

When you depart to the hereafter, you will all regret.

Maaeaa mamtaaji, tame parhari melo 5

Discard and forgo the attraction for this illusory existence.

Lobh laalachaji, tame chint thaki tthelo 6

Discard greed and possessiveness in your consciousness/awareness.

Eto duniaaji, ramannki baaji 7

It is all playful entrapping of the world.

Maaeaa kaaranneji, sarve paakhandd raachi 8

For the purpose of the illusory existence, evil was established.

Dharam na jaanneji, koi satiaa jan 9

No one knows about religion, except for a few pious ones.

Murakh lokaji, jenne koyaa aapnnaa tan 10

Foolish are those who have wasted their bodies (for futile purposes)

Harkun japataaji, alagaa kem rahie 11

How can you remain aloof from remembering God.

Saaheb naameji, chint aapnne daie 12

Maintain your awareness in the name of Hazar Imam.

Nisi jal hoveji, sarve duniaa dhandaa 13

Then all your worldly activities will become spotless and pure without sin.

Gur Nar aaeaaji, jem punam chandaa 14

The GurNar (Hazar Imam) has manifested like the appearance of full moon at night.

Kaalingaa daannavkunji, saaheb maarse 15

Hazar Imam will destroy the evil demon (the enemies of faith)

Rikhisarkunji, saaheb raaj karaav se 16

Hazar Imam will make the true believers rulers.

Rikhisar sarveji, amraapuri paave 17

All the believers will attain paradise.

Eji Eso ginaan ji, Pir Sadardin bhannaave 18

This Ginan is taught by Pir Sadardin.
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