Why didn't i feel anything on my first didar?

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Why didn't i feel anything on my first didar?

Post by avishnani »

my question is why didn't i feel anything on my first didar?
i would like ismaili's only who know the answer to this question.
i feel like i am not a good murid if i didn't feel anything after so many
discussions in class. my friend says that she didn't feel anything on her
first didar. but i am still not sure. please write back (any ismaili's) if u know the answer to this question.

i am saying ismaili's only because they are the only ones who might have went to a didar so please don't take that to heart.

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Post by Admin »

Didar is given by the Imam when the time is right, it is not a right...

When the time is right, surely The Imam will show you His Light.

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reply 4 the query y u didnt feel anything special in didar

Post by sunny_hemani »

yam avishnani..As u knw the sun is a giant body illuminating thousands of spectral lines to the earth..its almost impossible to look at it with ur naked eye...but wen u put on ur ray-ban glasses u r able to see it wid out any difficulty..similarly our IMAM-E-ZAMAN is compared to the sun showering ALLAH'S NOOR upon us. and the ray-ban glasses r the SINS we commit in our daily life..these sins(ray-ban glasses) r to be removed from our life by practicing our faith to see the real light of ALLAH'S NOOR glowing in our HAZAR IMAM...only then u will feel something special in the didar n u will have tears rolling down ur eyes when u see HAZAR IMAM showering ALLAH'S NOOR n BLESSINGS upon us..............
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Post by avishnani »

to sunny hemani

i did cry though
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to avishnani

Post by sunny_hemani »

wat made u cry wasnt it special?????
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Post by reshma77 »

all ismailis who come for deedar do not cry it is a sign of special feeling u don't realise
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Re: Why didn't i feel anything on my first didar?

Post by From_Alamut »

Ya Ali Madad and as salam alaykum, Avishnani

You have to be patient during Didar and keep continue your Salawt from begin to end then Inshallah you will find yourself feeling full of real happiness and all your wishes come true, it is like the sun rise in the morning. When I had my first Didar of Mowlana Hazar Imam, I was crying like river and was feeling something inside my heart when I saw the face of my Beloved Imam of my Time, something was sparking inside my Heart, which in the name of Allah beat fast. On that time, I bow my head on the floor and asked him for forgiveness of my sins and those mistakes which I had done in past and also asked him for Moshkilhason. Only, if you keep patient and continue the Holy Salawt, it doesn't matter weather it is your first Didar or your last Didar, you will always find it happiness. You have to have pure Iman and busy your tounge with remembering of Imam's name, then you will always find yourself happy.
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for Mr Avishnanu

Post by Salman.Khakwani »

U didn't felt any thing..
see it depends on age.. but i will respect every one's comment
as the age is more the sins are more
but its not for all
you know what u dont feel???
let me giv you an example
when u see your mother every day how do you feel
like nothing or might be it will feel like some thing most precious ,, but if u will c your mother after one year i feel be almost crying.
now answer me what was your age at the time of your first deedar
S. M. A. K
Salman Mohammad Ayub Khakwani
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Post by shellyza »

Before the Golden Jubilee year, I had two deedars, one at age 4 and one at age 17.

The one at age 4, I don't remember (but I don't think I realized what was going on)

The one at age 17, I remember feeling guilty that I didn't cry or feel that amazing feeling that everyone was talking about.

The Golden Jubilee ones were very special to me, and I finally got an experience that I never want to forget. It's very hard to explain.

I also think it has to do with age, and I would discourage anyone from feeling guilty or anything like that if they do not get the feeling that they were expecting.
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