Eternal is your soul

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Eternal is your soul

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Amin Bhai wrote me about you. Hope; all is well with you. May Mowla bless you with robust health - Aameen

Prophet Muhammad S.A.S.) used to tell same thing; and even after 1400 years; Hazar Imam is saying same thing. it shows that there is reality in it. But unfortunately; that reality unintentionally; and intentionally; we keep ignoring; Let me remind you; Sultan Muhammad Shah used to tell us; think where you came from; what is the purpose of being here; who sent you here; and why: The great philosophical poet Iqbal said; 'Kay Muhammad say wafa tunay tou; hum tere hei(n); yeh jaha(n) cheese hay kiy; Loh-o-Qalam tere hei(n)> In Ginan Pir says; "Nabi Muhammad bujo bhai; tou tamey pamo Imam.

I don't want to prolong it; let keep limited to that much.

Thank you for your time.


Eternal is your soul

It is okay to grow old
You know; old is gold
Don’t take it any other way
Enjoy it; being a man bold

It is wrong to contemplate
Your youth: you can hold
We are diminishing in nature
This characteristic; uphold

Body will decompose in sand
Realize; eternal is your soul
Keep doing something for it
Don’t just rock; and roll

There are four phases of life
For no reason; anyone don't scold
If you understand purpose of life
You will unearth treasure of gold

Life is easy; if you abide by ethics
As time goes by; with piety you mold
When times comes to go to our origin
Blessings will shower on you manifold

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