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I am looking at you; but you don't know; what I am thinking
Your impression would be; inclining toward you; just guessing
Most people do that; but I am not; have entirely different feelings
What is beauty why all have to incline to it that's what I'm thinking

As I saw you; you influenced me; what that feeling is; I am thinking
Of beauty the criteria I have; and what you have is totally upsetting
Beauty means color of skin; facial feature; and size of body; milking
But I think; I am here; she is there; than I think; how it is working

Then I think; may be; it is a divine process that's why we all indulging
My next quest is; if it is not; than need to find out; why we are doing
Again; I have to say; we all are doing; because others all are doing
If anyone of you have; any sensible logical answer; I will be vying

Why toward beauty we are all attracted to; reason I am researching
Have same answer in mind; everybody is doing that's why I am doing
That doesn't fit in my intellect; that's why to everybody I keep asking
For centuries we all are doing; and no question ask that is surprising

I am looking for cute facial features with fair color but why; I am asking
Some may say; it makes difference in society; nonsense; not convincing
Now what to do; and how to settle it; an Angel in mediation; I am asking
We are created from dust; it is our destiny; why I am; my time wasting?

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