When I saw you first time

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When I saw you first time

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When I saw you first time

Since I saw you; you are twinkling in my eyes
Whomsoever you were still blinking in my eyes
What a lovely beauty; still swimming in my eyes
So impressive was she; still reflecting in my eyes

Got pinkish complexion; skinny at look to thrive
What a wonderful smiling face with talking eyes
An adoring beauty got place at first look in my eyes
She is my dream; crown of my love; is in my eyes

As I saw her copy her image to my heart via my eyes
Message was relayed through mind my heart to apprise
After consensus; I sent a message; to her of my advise
So far going smoothly; being my love; are in my eyes

For me she is a jewel of my life; to get her I look at sky
after feeling my love; will reciprocate; crown of my eyes
Where ever you are; keep me as I keep you in my eyes
You being the most beautiful I adore you being very wise

At first look; got pierce into my heart through my eyes
So gorgeous is she;you can't move away from her eyes
No doubt she is beauty of all beauties; a queen to recognize
If I happen to see her again; 'I love you'; just see in my eyes

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